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year of chaos

over 8 years ago

Somehow the world has turned upside down for me this year. My health issues have now been sorted but I am in a difficult situation with my fathers health.My partner and I cannot live in the same place until he has finnished training and it is a very stressful time for us both as I have had to move to care for my father.

Can someonehow long it will be until life resembles something normal please?

over 8 years ago
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LightRae's ♥ Readings (lightrae)

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Dearest Magpie, I would be honored to look into this situation for you. Remember that all of life moves in cycles and as one cycle passes a new cycles enters. We generally have to ride these cycles out, but there are some things we can do to make them more pleasant for us. Come to me with your name and birth date and I will look into this for you and tell you what I see as far as this cycle’s duration and what the new cycle will be offering you.

over 8 years ago

thank you so much. I have sent you a message. blessings to you :)

over 8 years ago
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laylasinsights (laylasinsights)

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Hello magpie! :) It’s layla.. I am so glad you were able to find help for your situation.Light rae is a great reader :). I love her dearly. Hey lightrae ;) x


over 8 years ago
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Spiritual Healer Chanel (psychicchanel)

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Hi Sweetie, i am sad to hear what you have been through. But God has a plan for everyone. Most of everything we go through is a teaching for us. And later on we are stronger from it, i would love to speak with you. And see when will all this bad in your life turn to good. Please contact me further.God bless you.

over 8 years ago

Do replies to requests for readings appear here in the thread? I can’t seam to find a message box or anything on site here.

Sorry for the confusion, :)

over 8 years ago
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Psychic Readings & Guidance... (loveexperterin)

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I am sorry for all that has happened to you in the past, I am able to help you and lead you to happiness. Send me a chat and I will speak to you and give you clarity.