over 12 years ago

i am just going from one crisis to another i dont have time to heal from one thing then something else happens , i feel i cannot take any more whenwill life start to change for me

over 12 years ago
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jenny Fardell (garnetta)

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Hilda, you are overwhelmed and feeling incredibly vulnerable at the moment. Unfortunately when someone is in a spiral of bad luck, every little thing feels like it’s a disaster or a set back. I want you to surround yourself with beauty if you can. Soft lights, incense, flowers. You need to make yourself feel secure and deserving of good luck. You must believe that you deserve to have good things in your life. Then I think it might help if you write down 10 nice things which happen or which make you happy every evening. This is so you don’t go to bed with negative feelings. Whenever you feel like another disaster has happened write it down and rate it 1-10 in comparison with the worst thing that’s happened either in your life or that day or both. Take a moment to consider if you can deal with it, and if you can’t seek help from someone immediately. Is there an holistic centre near you which offers reiki or hot stone massage, or some other form of spiritual healing? You deserve to be loved and comforted. You deserve tenderness instead of this punishing situation. Don’t deal with things on your own. I;m sure once you learn to sort out the smaller crisis-es from the bigger ones, you’ll be able to see a way through all this suffering. I do empathise and hope, am sure, things will start to mend.