ok im hpoing some one can help me

over 13 years ago

i want to know when im gonna be hearing from a guy named Paul and where in the heck things are gonna go with him please help im at the end of my rope with this!

over 13 years ago
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Angel Sound (clairvoyantvision)

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what is your name and dob and his also please

over 13 years ago
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jenny Fardell (garnetta)

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Is it one of those typical had a great date, exchanged phone numbers, so why won’t he call? Men. They all do it. They just have a different interpretation of the first few dates. They’re fun, nothing special, but maybe worth keeping a number just in case he’s at a loose end again. Guaranteed he’ll have a few numbers in his phone. Guaranteed if he was a bit interested he’ll contact you just to keep the connection open, but nothing more than that. Guaranteed, the more you text or phone him, the more he’ll feel you’re being ‘desperate’ and ‘not fun anymore’. If he’s not contacted you for more than a couple of weeks then Paul just had a good couple of dates with you and that’s all. Men don’t connect on the same level as women. Unfortunately women read all sorts into a first couple of dates, feel connections and think men feel on the same level. They just don’t. And until the right one does we suffer so much heartbreak and feelings of rejection and frustration, and tie ourselves in knots trying to work out where we’re going wrong. Tie a knot in the rope and, easier said than done but move on. There’s a man worthy of you somewhere but, again easier said, don’t take the first few months of dating one so much to heart. Good luck.

over 13 years ago
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