How does he look?

over 12 years ago

Is my soul-mate white? I mean, how does he look and where is he from?

over 12 years ago
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jenny Fardell (garnetta)

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You are walking life’s path being worried about finding THE soul mate. Looking with peripheral vision at men who aren’t connecting with you. There is someone who is watchng you doing this, wondering when you’re going to notice him? Who is it that you see on a regular basis. Who you just say – hi – to. Maybe once or twice you’ve wondered why he was in that place…? Narrow your vision, I think he’s right under your nose. He’s probably the last person you’d think of as a potential soul mate. But start talking to him a bit more. I feel he’s a bit shy to make the first move. He thinks you’re too pretty for him. He might be a bit older as well. Go get him! Hope it works out.

over 12 years ago
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Pradeep Kumar Mishra (kishan508)

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pl write your dob,tob,pob and name. I will speak all about your soulmate. God bless you.

over 12 years ago

My date of birth is 08/10/88, my time of birth is 05:55 a.m., and my name is Chloe Thomas.