I dont know what to think?

over 13 years ago

Hello, My dob is 9-2-75. I am wondering can you tell me if 1-11-77 wants to be with me? I am not able to tell. thanks

over 13 years ago
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Angel Sound (clairvoyantvision)

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you are friends. contact me to discuss more.

over 13 years ago
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Lori Marie (lorimarie)

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You can’t tell because he is a capricorn and he is pretty good at keeping his emotions cool and detached. You and him are compatible but he is skeptical and that is why he hasn’t said anything just yet. He isn’t fully sure of you yet. I am seeing you being the one who gives the hints and clues. If you are interested in him do not be the aggressor but let him know your interested in a flirtatous way. Or you may lose him all together. Show him you know how to be fun but that you are a reserved girl too.

over 13 years ago
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Stephanie (s.7)

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Contact me live .. i will help u for sure. Thanks GOD

over 13 years ago

i just realised why these readings are not making sense. We use our date order form differently in europe.

i am feb 9th 1975 and he is November 1 1977.

Can i ask the same question again please? if he is interested in me?