financial crash

over 13 years ago

Since 2004 my finances have been on a down hill ( long before the global recession) I have lost everything and each month that passes I feel my situation is going to go on forever I feel like a hamster on a hamster wheel

over 13 years ago
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Angel Sound (clairvoyantvision)

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please chat with me with DOB please

over 13 years ago
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Lori Marie (lorimarie)

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You are going through a phase and I can guarantee you that you will come out of it! I just need to know your birth information so I can pinpoint when the planets will align properly for this to happen. I will gladly take a peak at it for you in a free introduction and if you like what you hear we can take it a bit further. If I were you I’d feel empowered in knowning NOTHING IS FOREVER it will ok.