id be really greatfull.

over 13 years ago

my partner and me are trying for baby, is it going to happen soon? id be really thankful if someone could answer me please..

over 13 years ago
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Lori Marie (lorimarie)

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I would say most likely within a year. I can pinpoint almost the precise timing if you would like to connect with me and give me a little bit of birth information.

over 13 years ago
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jenny Fardell (garnetta)

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Having spent 10 years trying to have babies myself, I was drawn to your question. The desperate need, pressure from family, and expectation from friends could really end up compormising you and your partner’s happiness and, may I mention, sex life together. It could lead to bitterness and jealousy. It is a really, really difficult thing to do, but I advise you not to focus on this aim in life. Not to panic about it. You are a maternal person and can give that energy to lots of children who really need it. Whilst you’re trying to have your own baby, start thinking about fostering and adopting as well. You might think about doing this if, or when, you’ve had your own children anyway. I hope you are both very lucky and conceive soon, but it might not happen as soon as you hope. Prepare for it. How do you see your relationship in 10 years time if you haven’t managed to produce any offspring? Are you both leading fulfilling lives at the moment and can continue to enjoy life? Are you thinking it would be nice to have a baby, or are you literally ‘demanding’ it here and now?! One more think. If your relationship is a bit rocky at the moment, having a baby will only be a temporary fixture. As will being the centre of attention as a new mum. You will be left carrying the burden of the boring bits and it can be the loneliest place on earth to be. And the more desperate you become to have a baby, the more rosy a picture having one becomes, and the more of a let-down when the baby arrives and the reality hits you. I’m trying to be truthful and don’t want to spoil your hopes and wishes. But at the same time you have to be realistic and practical about trying to conceive. As long as the idea of having a baby is an additional nice thing to have on top of your already fulfilled lives, and not a necessity, then the sooner you will succeed. I wish you all the best and lots of luck. I’m sure you will be blessed in some way, but maybe not as soon as you were hoping. All the best, Garnetta