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why did all communication suddenly cease with sam the man i was seeing

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Olivia, when you think it’s being going great with a man and suddenly he stops communicating I’m afraid women generally make mistakes. The first time he doesn’t text or call back, it means he’s not thinking about you or he feels he doesn’t need to answer every little text you send. However, the woman starts to panic – he’s abandoning me, he doesn’t like me anymore, he’s seeing someone else… What does she tend to do? Send him another text, usually on a joke-y level – have you dropped your phone, lol? He probably reads it and smiles, thinking nothing of it. He certainly doesn’t see a need to reply to it. She waits and waits for an answer. Her stomach is in knots and she’s making up all sorts of wonderful scenarios in her head as to why he’s ignoring her. She tries to be rational and think his phone is out of battery or whatever, but underneath she’s concerned about him running off. What does she do? Sends another text. Probably on the lines of – did you get my text messages?” Maybe a cursory reply – yes. – without the customary kiss or hug. Maybe no reply at all. She texts – “why aren’t you/didn’t you answer?” Followed by an ultimatum. All these panic vibes are transmitting themselves to the guy. The texts are like ear-worms to him. He liked her, he thought her texts were amusing and sweet, but probably read nothing else into them. What we see here is that women generally become more attached and get serious about a relationship very early on. Men generally see the initial stages of a relationship purely as fun and having a good time at his convenience. As soon as he feels pressurised or needed, he runs a mile. Basically what I’m saying is that, unfortunately, women tend to commit to a relationship easier and quicker than men. If you can bear it, don’t fall into this trap. Don’t communicate with him. Do lots of independent things and make sure he gets to hear about them, but do them for yourself not to make him jealous. Behave like you don’t mind and are having just as much fun without him. After a week or so, maybe send him a text asking how he is and saying you’ll be in the cinema/pub/whatever with a friend if he wants to join you. And don’t expect an answer. Act surprised and pleased if he turns up, and just act naturally with him. This is more likely to get him to pay interest. Don’t get all excited but keep a little distance, not cold and offhand or quizzing him as soon as you see him. If you have to text him after, be brief and to the point – that was a nice evening, hope to see you again. Leave it. If you don’t hear from him in 5 days, text him something like – if you want to take me out, I’ve got a spare ticket for… If he still isn’t answering then forget him. He’s not worth the energy. Honestly, men want their cake and to eat it. You have to be one step ahead of them and treat them like little boys, which they are, most of them! Everything is fun until it gets serious. Hope this explains why Sam might be unresponsive and the tips help a bit…

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thanks all and jenny thank u yea im very aware of that male type of thinking and gave him his space every now and then he never responded but eventually i had enough and had to just say what i needed to say based on fact we had been together 3 months and he was the one declaring strong feelings for me, this time i left aside the compassion and understanding part and just said it like it was from my view then he responded even though i didnt expect it and we talked still a lot more needs to be done but we started so thank u for ure time #