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Ivan Delabra Lara (ivand)

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I dont understand what has happened to the woman I love? she were a sweet gf and my best friend my Jacob when I lost my Edward so to speak but she has made our relationship so hard and she brake up it has been eight days now she took away my all and our life even if we are apart I have worked so hard for us but destiny and archangels had got in the way. This last days it has been like the woman I love is not around I have tried to chat with her but she has been quiet and mean very distant and not saying anything It worried me that she doesnt say anything and that she had called me stupid and that when I ask her about her day and her she says stuff like im asking stupid questions and that she doesnt have to tell me anyhing and that im not her owner. What has happened to the woman I love?what happened to us?what has been happening to the woman I love? Please feel free to ask me what you need and if you can please help her with magick to whatever that has been happening. Im dying everyday please try to answer as fast as you can.

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jenny Fardell (garnetta)

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Ivan, I hope you haven’t given up on this site because no one has replied to you yet. I hope I can help because I know how you are feeling. We’ve all been here, believe me. Embrace your archangels. They are there to teach you something, and possibly they want you to get back with this woman but can see that if you persist with focusing on her within the relationship, it could be harmful. Even if it seems like they are doing their best to hurt us and put us through hell, they can see far more than we as humans are capable of seeing because we are clouded by our emotions and humanity. There is nothing wrong with this. That is how we are made and why archangels intervene. Now then, it sounds to me like you’ve invested a lot of love on your girlfriend. Maybe she feels a bit suffocated by it. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you. But I feel you need to learn that you can love someone intently but it isn’t a healthy love if you have no life/friends/independence from it. I hope I’m not too late giving you advice, Ivan. I want you to be strong enough to follow a plan which will help you take control of the situation and make her learn that she needs to respect you. She needs to see that you are not just an emotional person, but have strength in that love. The strength to look at it objectively and the strength to work at it on BOTH her terms and yours. First, write her a letter. Keep it brief and to the point without begging and overloading it with emotional pain and hurt. She feels guilty enough. In the letter just say something like, Dear… I respect your space. I am hurt and sad that you feel the relationship has come to an end. I do not feel this because I realise we need our independence from each other for a healthy love life. I love you and realise I might have made a mistake. But I do not deserve to be called stupid, I feel that was disrespectful. I hope we can work something out together. sign it and post it through her letterbox when she is out. Do not contact her for a week. Go out with friends. Show her you don’t need her 24hrs a day. Do this for yourself, not to make her jealous. You are just proving to yourself that life has to go on, that friends are important, that you respect yourself and aren’t going to let yourself go to pieces. If you bump into her (not going out of your way to do so) just say ‘Hi’. If you can’t bear to move on, just ask for a hug and don’t turn it into anything else. If you tell her you love her and miss her, do it cheerfully and not like you’re begging her to respond. After a week, casually invite her out with friends. Before you make any physical contact with her tell her first – I’d like to hold your hand…. It shows her you are in control, that you respect her space, and you demand respect for yours. After this ‘date’, unless she contacts you first, leave it another week then ask her out again. Keep to nuetral places which don’t remind you of first kisses. You’ll find she relaxes and starts to trust that you mean what you say, that you respect her space, and it shows her you’re prepared to work at the relationship. It shows her you will be a strong and supportive partner because you can deal with personal crisis in a mature way. Hopefully, you’ll reign her in again. You have to be a crafty fisherman here, Ivan. I wish you all the luck I can. Your archangels are with you. So are your friends. Do something different today.

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Angel Sound (clairvoyantvision)

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Contact me with DOB and I will take a look into this for you.