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hazel (hazel99)

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I have been going in circles with my husband.One minute he loves me next minute he is leaving me with no notice.Im in a very rough time in my life and me and the kids count on him tom help but he does nothing.Im having a baby soon and Im really just dont think he will ever change.But its sad cause my kids will rally miss there Dad,but Im tired of him mistreating me.WHAT TO DO??11-8-81 husband 9-29-72. THANKS

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rebeccas readings (rebeccasreadings)

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HELLO this is a rebecca for rebeccas readigs.. I first want to say I am sorry for what your going..through and my heart go’s out to you ..I’M hear to help and guild you in many directions.. you dont desrive to be miss treated by your husben let me do a reading for you on this to see were you stand .. and give you full detail in to this and help you better understand his heart ,,and for your kids let me help I have a 10.00 reading and by the min for any .99 min or i can do a emailed reading for you please contact me for a more peace for tomarrow im a 5 star reader and have ben a reader for over 25 yrs god bless you rebeeca

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Psychic Angelic Anney (readerpsychic)

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Hello Hazel my love, I am so sorry your husband is treating you this way, especially when you will be having his baby soon. If you would like to hire me, there is an older lady who would like to help and give you guidence for you and your family. She has asked me to pass on her love to you and your family, God Bless.

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Dexter Hamilton (psychicdexter)

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Hello, I can do some meditation around your D.O.B., if you would like? If so, please contact me through chat if you would like me to do this and I can find out if you two will be together. Best Wishes and God Bless, Dexter…