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i am online and ready to help guide you down lifes path with clear honest insight

8 months ago

13 minutes for $10 (one subject),$25 for 20mins,$35 for 30mins, for clear Honest advice or insights , specials going on thru 17-20.

(for women and men)

5 months ago

are you looking for honest insight into your life? are you sick of all the fake answers? then contact me I can help guide you down the right path in your life and also give you clear advice on which turns you should make .

5 months ago

chat now I am online now $10 12 mins deatailed Reading.

5 months ago

come chat now

5 months ago

I am online and ready to chat now , $10 special is a 13 min detailed energy reading (no tools required) first names and DOBs is the only thing I would need from you .

4 months ago

my $10 deal has updated!!!!!

i am online and ready to help guide you now.