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Calories in Japanese Food

By: Martha from CityGirlBites

I often recommend Japanese food to my clients watching their weight. There are several benefits to this cuisine, including no bread on the table, no tempting desserts and you know exactly what is in the sushi/sashimi unlike most other cuisines that add fat (unless of course you are eating tempura rolls!)

“How many calories are in sushi?” is one of the most common questions I get asked. Well here are your answers:

I calculated the following calories from weighing and measuring rolls and pieces of sashimi / sushi from various restaurants on the upper east side, including Haru, Sushi Hanna, Ko’s and Fusha. I also obtained calories from this website: http://www.sushifaq.com/sushi-calories.htm

Here is what I found:

An average piece of sashimi is between 75 – 1 oz per piece

An average piece of sushi is the same size but with 15-25 calories of rice added.

My calculations are based on “average” sized rolls and pieces of sushi / sashimi. Add or subtract calories if you feel your restaurant serves very large or small portions

Spicy sauce will add about 50 – 70 calories to a roll. Add more calories if there is a lot of sauce

Avocado will add about 50 calories to a roll

Salmon (55 calories per oz) and eel (65 calories per oz) are the two fattiest fish

Adding “crunch” to a roll will add about 60 calories (for a small amount).

Add more calories if really “crunchy” Fish (based on 1 oz piece) Sushi Sashimi.

For complete table of sushi sashim caliries check the article at:


Tips to decrease your calorie intake in a Japanese restaurant:

  • Try to order some of the items without rice (sashimi).
  • Limit rolls that are fried (tempura) or have added sauce (i.e. spicy sauce)
  • Keep in mind that some fish (salmon and eel) has 40% more calories than other fish (scallop, tuna, yellowtail).
  • Start your meal with miso soup. It contains only 50 calories and can help to make you feel more full
  • Limit ordering jumbo special rolls such as Dynamite rolls