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FNCE tech Talk: Tech Talk #95 - Choose Your Technology Tools for Online Services

over 13 years ago
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Tech Talk #95 – Choose Your Technology Tools for Online Services


October 7, 2007 @ 8:25 pm · Filed under FNCE, Tech Talk, Newsletter, Marketing

Thanks to Alon Cohen and Eli Stein from Bitwine for the presentation on “Tools for Tomorrow Today”.


Many of you have contacted me because you were unable to attend the NE Internet and Business technology meeting at FNCE. So today’s Tech Talk is for those of you who missed the FNCE presentation on Sunday evening, and for those who want a recap of what they saw. I will provide a brief overview of the presentation by highlighting the advantages of using the Bitwine technology to serve your clients.

The Technology:

The Bitwine technology combines voIP and PayPal which provides you the opportunity to connect with your clients online and be paid. Using voIP the advisor and client can communicate in a completely secure encrypted environment. You also have the ability to see your client through a telepresence enabled by a web-cam. Providing this type of online service is legal and compliant with HIPAA regulations. Read more about HIPAA and online services here.

The Advantages:

This service is FREE.

Right now this service is completely free for your use. You have absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE by using this service and you have potential for increased profit and you can GAIN ADDITIONAL REVENUE from online services. You will also gain experience in using the technology and online office management tools.

This service provides Online Office Management Tools.

You can set your online office availability for clients to see including regular hours and even vacation time. In addition you can leave this open for “as needed” appointments.

Your clients can initiate and schedule an appointment with you through your Bitwine web page as well as on your own website. Bitwine provides widgets and html code that can be easily inserted into your existing website. See an example of this here.

You can contact or invite a client to a non-scheduled session at any time. If someone contacts you outside of Bitwine you can easily introduce them to the technology and provide service anytime and anywhere.

You can load this technology on multiple computers. The virtual office often includes use of multiple work stations and this technology can be provided via laptop and desktop equipment. Your service can be virtually anywhere you are (As I write this piece, I am currently in a remote location in another state and have my technology set and ready to go).

This service expands your Internet footprint linking to your existing website or providing your initial web presence.

Using the Bitwine website will improve your Google rating. Your Bitwine web page has all the key words and SEO needed to take you right to the top.

Bitwine provides online support and advice for marketing your services.

Bitwine staff will assist you with setting up your Nutrition Advisors’ webpage. They can also assist you in determining key words, service pricing and other marketing tips.

Bitwine provides an online forum where they feature advisors work on other blogs and websites that further promotes the Nutrition Advisors’ services.

In closing there are many advantages in choosing the Bitwine technology tools and expanding your practice to provide online services. I welcome and look forward to your questions, comments, and feedback related to this post. Isn’t it time to take your services online? There is no time like the present so NOW truly is the time to take YOUR SERVICES ONLINE. Visit the Nutrition Advisors’ Network TODAY!

Nadine Fisher, MS, RD/LD

For more information you can contact Nadine here: http://nutrition.bitwine.com/advisors/nadine_fisher