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Connie Lane: How To Deal With Food Cravings

over 13 years ago
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Alon Cohen (alon)

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If you are among the normal people, your brain combines many factors to conclude that you are not hungry any more.

For a person with eating disorders, this function either does not work at all, or works only partially. Some often have a correct feeling of satisfactions, but ignore it.

Food cravings are always psychological and not physical. Satisfaction is a sensation which the brain creates by combining different signals, like blood sugar level, how much food is in the stomach and so on.

The solution to the problem is in each one of us. Connie is here to help you dig that ability from within your own mind and even go as deep as your unconscious mind.

Find Connie on BitWine at: http://bitwine.com/advisors/veritas

More information about Hypnosis can be found on Connie’s web site at: http://www.fatawayhypnosis.com

Trust the power of your mind, and trust Connie to help you on that journey.

over 13 years ago
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Nadine Fisher (nadine_fisher)

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I think food cravings are also hormonal. Nadine

over 13 years ago
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Jacqueline Schriewer (psychicamira)

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Food cravings CAN and sometimes are also food sensitivities and/or allergies. If, for example, our bodies have been so sensitized to a food, for instance, wheat or dairy, then we, instead of being averse to it, will crave it (as a sort of addiction). Another type of craving is the body’s way of correcting a dietary imbalance such as vitamin or mineral deficiency. One needs to identify the ROOT cause of the craving (and consequently, food sensitivities can also be making you crave foods that are making you fat) be it physiological or psychological and deal with the issue accordingly. I am an intuitive healer with experience in nutritional therapy and have helped many identify the sources of their cravings and effectively banishing them leading to a healthier and more balanced body.