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over 14 years ago
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Alon Cohen (alon)

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I am pleased to introduce John Potenza

John is a Successful CEO and entrepreneur. He founded and managed three businesses from the ground up covering the last three decades. He developed a customer-centric business intelligence software service (patent-pending) used by Fortune 500 Companies who paid up to $2M annual service fee. He also is co-authoring Performance Driven Customer Satisfaction (publish late 2007). After attending Pasadena City College, he served four years honorably in the US Air Force Security Service specializing in cryptography with Top Secret Clearance.

I just finished a call with John, I was impressed with the proactive, productive, and concise way of communicating and grasping business models in a variety of business domains.

I am honored to have John as a consultant on the BitWine web site.

John’s web site is here: http://www.number1consultants.com

Or you can start with his BitWine profile here: http://www.bitwine.com/advisors/number1consultants