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Finding clients

over 14 years ago
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Joann D'Onofrio (jdonofrio73)

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Can anyone give me helpful hints on how to find clients? I would appreciate it.

Thank you.

over 14 years ago
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Christo Gerasimov (christakis)

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You are supposed to be a recruiter experienced .Its not easy!

over 13 years ago
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Hi, I am a Mortgage advisor. To find clients, we spend a hell of a lot of time recruiting agents. (its more cost effective than advertising) We let the agents source our clients and sell to the leads provided by the agents,- in order that we don’t have to advertise and source our own clients. Agent leads come through regularly each month, but advertising response is at best sporadic. We pay our agents 20% of the commission if we make a sale from there leads – and this usually brings the agent over £200 per sale. We also deal with Company formations and lots of other services related to finance and estate agency – This usually means that the clients that come to us, may at some stage need several more of our services. You could try getting some agents aboard your company, similar to the agents that we take on. Or if you are really struggling to get any clients, you could work as one of our agents. We provide a full start up company for all agents, with own website and full support etc… for £350.00, which can be recouped in 2 decent sales… also from the post above saying that your in recruitment, you will then have a variety of services to offer to a client - eg .. new Job, in a new area, needing a new home, which needs a mortgage etc… As far as commercial clients are concerned, you would have a lead for a company expanding, you could arrange commercial mortgage on a bigger building, fill it with staff through your agency and then sell other services to those staff. Check out the website to our Mortgage brokerage http://www.Ace4Mortgages.co.uk or if you are interested in the different agency packages that we offer, send me an email Whelan81@googlemail.com and I will provide you with some more details – answer any questions and let you know where you can see our agency websites etc… Hope this helps Kind Regards