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Market research, survey development, and program evaluation

over 14 years ago
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Dr. Ronald J. Polland (docrjp)

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I’ve decided to change my advisor area to one that taps into my primary skills and experience: market research, survey development, needs assessment, quality improvement, and training. I see these areas as having a greater demand for service.

I am the President of Dr RJP Consulting (www.dr-rjp.com), a consulting company that I started in 1989. The company is unique in that it links together consultants from all over the world in a kind of online community. The consultants vary in their specialties and geographical locations, and clients are directed to the most appropriate consultant based on service need and service area.

As for the online dating and relationship advice I initially started here, I decided to offer that directly through my www.myloveneeds.com website using the SAYNOW and EVOCA services.