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Programming Advice: Now answering LSL scripting language questions (Second Life)

over 14 years ago
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Alon Cohen (alon)

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Hi I am Barry

I am now answering LSL scripting language questions as well as general SL business questions at pay-for-chat advisory site called BitWine.com


No, I’m not a doctor, but I just signed up for BitWine after seeing it one LifeHacker so I could do a bit of online consulting when there is a free moment. Though I am constantly working, doing Ruby/Rails contracting, and have LOTS of hobby projects outside of Rezzible, I still have a few spare moments (usually late in the evenings), when I can make myself available for quick chats.

So, if you have a biz-opp you are wanting to chat about, or if you need help with general LSL scripting questions, I am making myself available in slots throughout the day.

You can find my Blog at: