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about 1 year ago


about 1 year ago

Valentine/February special: 3,99 per min, valid until Feb 17. Enjoy a time of love!

6 months ago

New October special :D

LOVE, CAREER or GENERAL THEME for 2021, with Lenormand, Tarot or astral vision

Consult profile for more details!

6 months ago

The LOVE theme takes 15 min, it can be done with Tarot, Lenormand, astral vision or other divination method of your choice and it will describe the essence of how your love life will be in 2021, the main theme of 2021 in love matters.

5 months ago
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Sonu (lovepsychicsonia)

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hello dear if you have any issue regarding you love and you want an honest reading with the discount rate you may call me anytime I am online and I will help you my 20$ deal is open for all and give 30 mints. so feel free and call me I am online.

3 months ago

Happy New Year!!! Happy bright New 2021!

Special today: LOVE, CAREER or GENERAL THEME for 2021 15 min/50€, with Mystical Lenormand.