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Karmic Soulmates are those who have shared at least one previous incarnation together that ended on a sour note. They meet up with each other again in a subsequent lifetime in order to complete any past lessons/rectify any residual karma, which then affords them the opportunity to attain closure and move on. Unfortunately, they usually end up accruing more adverse karma in the process. It’s possible for Karmic Soulmates to progress to the next level of the union, instead of separating, if both parties desire this and apply mutual effort.

However, usually at least one partner deviates from this path over time because to conquer all of these goals in a singular lifetime and then to still have sufficient love/desire to be with the alternate partner proves too daunting; usually resulting in indecision, stagnation, and inability to commit. This is why, more often than not, Karmic Soulmate unions have several ruptures either before the relationship ever truly gets off the ground or before the permanent severing of ties. Some Karmic Soulmates do marry or remain together for a long amount of time in an effort to achieve certain lessons, but the union eventually becomes unhappy and/or “problematic” either way.

Oftentimes, too – despite any past karma or lessons being conquered – each party invariably goes their separate way in order to be free to encounter their already existent Companion Soulmate who awaits him or her. This is because, again, more often than not the main intent between Karmic Soulmates is not to be a couple again in the first place but, rather, to resolve old issues if possible, attain closure, and then move on. One, if not all, of the variables below usually affect a Karmic Soulmate union:

Psychical or Geographical Ruptures/Distancing

Third Party Interference

Indecision and Inability of One Partner to Make a Firm Commitment

The Timing is Amiss

Next month we will discuss: Companion Soulmates

Love and Blessings!

Lark Eden