PCMAG: Skype 3.0 for Windows beta

over 15 years ago
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Alon Cohen (alon)

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...This great, mostly free voice communications app and Web service just keeps getting better.

By Davis D. Janowski Skype is popular, no doubt about it: Downloads of the software, available in 27 languages, average 250,000 per day, for a total of 136 million so far. The Internet voice-call provider hosts 7 million people worldwide at any given moment and expects revenue to hit $195 million in 2006, up from a mere $7 million in 2004. You’ll find over 150 devices which are specifically built to work with Skype, and 3,500 developers around the globe are toiling away on additional apps. With stats like these, even the naysayers, me included, who were scratching their heads when eBay bought the service have to admit that it appears headed toward world domination. The Skype 3.0 for Windows beta could accelerate the trend by removing roadblocks to acceptance among network administrators in businesses. ...