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Spiritual connections, the difference between Soulmates and Twinflames

over 5 years ago

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Over the past few years I’ve received numerous inquiries to this website regarding questions about Spiritual, Soulmates, karma and Twin Soul/flame connections, and how do to determine the differences. Currently as some of you may know I’ve been writing a book about these Spiritual Connections, containing facts and stories of people in my research and study, I find it so fascinating and I feel I can still learn more about these amazing soul bonding connections, with my research I have been able to complete the book due to so many other factors that need to be examined, how get thru a spiritual confliction when there is negativity present. Add this page to your favorites and check back frequently I will try to update as often as I can with my new research to help others understand that the word Soulmates is a term that is easily been overused and not always clearly understood, some believe, there is only one soulmate, who we must search for our whole lives, or believe that it is a connection from a past life that the two share.

Each person must decide these things for themselves and also the power of choices and free will. From a growth perspective, we may meet many and different types soulmates in our lifetime. This doesn’t mean we are lovers with each one, although that again is a personal choice. The meeting and continued relationship is all about growth and the synchronicities that enable our growth on deeper & deeper levels, however, remember that there are twin flames, karmic and there are soulmates. All are meaningful relationships and teach us to grow, but in different ways. The quest for love and for that perfect mate is really a challenge and we may sometimes want to believe a relationship is the ultimate deep connection, often sometimes analyzing the relationship and wanting it to be something more.

There are different types of romantic relationships: twin flames (twin soul), Companion Soulmates, Soul friends true Soulmates and karmic connection. All relate to the same group and category of the word Soulmates, they are all spiritually equal, but hold something different for everyone, just because you may have someone you know may be going thru the same relationship experiences as you, doesn’t mean it’s the same type of spiritual connection. Karma has something different for everyone and a purpose to manifest in perfection.

Twin flames were created together in the beginning and share a unique destiny, Twin flames are much as twins born of the same egg. This would be from the same soul source, there is not of that kind of twinning going on, this is a little different than other soulmates, Twin flames would be of the same soul energy source and would have been decided at what you would term the creator source level or at the higher-self level, which we see as a level at which a being has the ability to create seed selves in 3rd-dimensional reality.

over 5 years ago

Similar to when twins are completely separated at birth and they find each other after many years and discover that they have the same food tastes, the same odd way of smiling and the same tastes in clothing, (I’m born one a twin). With twin flames being born of the same spirit, when they unite physically in 3rd Dimension. Your twin flame knows you whatever life you are expressed, but each with the same pattern of divine identity. Though they spend some lifetimes together and others apart, their tie is eternal, and after they have each united with their Higher Self they will be together forever.

All though it may sound like a beautiful match made in heaven relationship, there is a thin line with this connection and deep intensity, that as beautiful and perfect a relationship can be, this can sometimes be a total opposite, spiritually when you enter in this life time you know if you want to meet with your Twinflame or not and you know all your life you must prepare yourself to be able to join with your twin flame, it is not an automatic, it is truly a privilege to know your Twin Flame , it is basically a 50/50 ratio that you will actually meet up, but you must be ready.

You will have to learn to love deeper than you ever thought possible and that usually means meeting, with a Twinflame connection you have to be brave and strong enough to be able to risk loving with your heart and soul that there is also a fear that dream may be shattered just as experiencing pain as well as joy. When Twin Flames come together they become one, they are the mirror image of the other, they think alike, they hold the same values and often their life experiences are very similar. No matter what, if we are to be with our Twin Flame then it will happen and by experiencing the loves placed before us by Spirit and if it is part of our karma. A book & movie “What dreams may come” (starring Robin Williams) was created based upon Twinflame/Twin soul connections. (This is one of my favorite movies) the general meaning to Twin flames was expressed here. They is lessons to learn and always share a feeling of unconditional love. These people have deep feelings (positive or negative) in a romantic relationship a strong bond, often sometimes can go years with no contact or communication, there will be an area of mystery of why this person entered my life, and the hope to reconnect some day. A Soulmate connection is a little different from the twin flame, we have only one twin flame, we have many Soulmates, Soulmates are life partners, close friends, co-workers, a teacher, anyone who influences your life one way or another, basically making a impact in your life.

over 5 years ago

Companion Soulmates are the most common of spiritual connections, always trying to develop the same chakra energy, these are the relationships, when you need them most, they tend to be harmonious and satisfying, but not as intense as a Twinflame but can accomplish great things together as well as a life partnership even when there is negativity or a spiritual confliction in between them, nothing can separate this connection they will always be connected and feel the need to be there for one another, these closely resemble Twin Flame connections a relationship based on romantic love, however there is still energy between two people and the couple can learn to live for many years together as a beautiful relationship and then there are the types of soulmates who come together for a reason, making some type of impact on a person’s life. in some cases the relationship ending in a separation, divorce and later to find there was a reason for it all happening the way it did, keeping in mind not all romantic relationships are Twinflames, sometimes there is a karmic tie present and may make the strongest impact of all, it will begin with the the feeling of unfinished business with someone that has not been completed with the need to reconnect, this is because the soul has a deep yearning to be free and balancing of mutual karma and a inadequacy of a past life relationship, yet though they are frequently difficult, these relationships are important in achieving self-mastery with the spiritual path. Karmic connection is attached with a soulmate meaning we have karma to deal with, now this doesn’t necessarily mean that it bad karma, it can be good karma as well, the difference between Twinflame and soulmates is that they have more closure of why things happened and/or ended in the way it did.

over 5 years ago

Frequently asked Questions about Spiritual Connections

What is all this about Soulmate love connection or Twin Flames can I actually have one?

Yes there are soulmates, twin flames, whatever you want to call them, but there are also SOULMATE CONNECTIONS. In believing that everything happens for a reason, know that some of the people that come into our Lives are merely there just to teach us a lesson. What’s the difference Twin Flame & Soulmate connection?

A soulmate connection would be the divine connection, both Twinflame and Soulmate both have intense energies, Twinflame is the dynamite energy where Soulmate is the Dynamo that is quite powerful but long lasting, there are several types of Soulmates, friendships, family, children even pets. Twinflame is the explosion of energy where Soulmate is the generator energy, that is the difference, with certain negative chaos that sometimes make it difficult for one to find peace with a Twinflame. How do I know she/he is my soulmate or twin flame?

Your soulmate connection will be deep and you will have more control in a relationship or a situation, where Twin flame is the other half of your soul, most of the time your Twin flame is not incarnate at the same time as you are (may be older or younger), but stays in the Ethers as a guide and a kind of caretaker. Sometimes however, both you and your Twin flame do incarnate at the same time, when it does, however, usually that person is DOES NOT seem like your ideal mate, for good reason and they are difficult to live with, you literal” other half” embodies

over 5 years ago

everything you are and usually reflects EVERYTHING you do not like about your self. This is not easy to live with total chaos you have come to where you are very comfortable with your self for it to work and most people mistake Twin Flame for their Soulmate and yes we all have a Twin Flame, soulmates you get together and everything is controlled, Twin flame the always is a chaos, one can be attached, age difference, different locations, or the person has some serious issues and is afraid to open up to the energy because the bond is too intense, sometimes it often feels that the twin soul can destroy you emotionally and spiritually at any given time. You will Instant spiritually recognition upon the first meeting ie: “I know you, I love you for some reason and I don’t quite know why” An intense bond that transcends sexuality and emotions They may look very similar to you, and you both have very similar life paths and experiences Being with them feels like being back home again and you are complete. Sometimes you both just know that you should be together, however this does not mean that if you are in a relationship with someone else who is not your Twinflame flame that you should break it off with that person so quickly to neglect their feelings. Sometimes Twinflames must learn to let go of each other so that they may be with each other again in another life, this still will not separate Twin flames, they still will somehow end up near each other in some type of way. What will happen when I do find My Twin Flame?

It will be a Direct bond with this person, so drawn that you can’t let go of the connection even if you never had a relationship or if She/he is not single, that thoughts will be never ending, sometimes for years, you will always feel there will be a open door one day no matter how long it will take, even if there is a marriage or partnership, it will not disconnect.

Will it lead my life in destruction what do I do?

The connection is very intense and you can feel what they are feeling even apart. Even when there are positive or negative life styles, you will sense this emotion. Sound a little scary? It can be a beautiful and traumatic experience as it sounds, Sometimes people can’t handle this deep Spiritual Bond with a someone and block it, but the Twin Flame is never one sided, the feeling between the two will always remain and will find themselves some way back to their Twin flame when Karma permits, this depends on every one differently. When will it connect? A Twin Flame usually pops up when you LEAST expect it. You will also find yourself coming down the same symptoms of a “soulmate connection” it’s telepathic, hugging each other is like coming home for nourishment. Twin flames come together when they have service work to do on the planet.

How do I find My Twin Flame or soulmate?

The number one question I’m asked, for on don’t go looking for his/her, it most likely will not happen if you are trying to find that person, but keep your spiritual senses clear and focused on yourself, don’t spend every second of your free time looking for your soulmate or Twin Flame since, like I said above, the chances of finding him/her are slim, you may not be meant or various reasons to be with him/her and that’s ok, you are meant to be with someone who will give you fulfillment in relationship (We are not meant to be alone in the world). Focus on your goals, your

over 5 years ago

lessons and making your life happy. Just know that in more spiritual patterns and most soulmate connections are really just Past Life connections.

What is a past life connection?

Before we are born in the physical world, our life is with God. and were brought here for a short time to make our choices and destiny for the afterlife, that after crossing over the first time and many times after we haven’t fulfilled what we suppose to do, we have the choice to come back into the physical world to correct our mistakes and grow from them. The whole point to life is learning and experiencing what we want to so when we cross over from the physical world to the Other Side, we won’t feel we have to come back. Life on Earth isn’t Home, the afterlife is. If you have ever experienced DejaVu, you know that you’ve felt like you’ve been in a certain place, knew someone or had a conversation before that very moment. That is very true. Most likely you knew that person, had that conversation and back again for many reasons.

Can non-intuitive people be aware of a past life connection? I think that someone could always have glimmers of past lives. I don’t know however, how this would be taught. You may had glimpses into past lives thru dreams. Due to the fact that when you are asleep, the subconscious are more open to the spirit realm just as children are. I have many amazing stories. That will be featured in my book.

What if my soul mate isn’t destined to come into my life for another ten years?

Spiritually all things are linked I find that if you are drawn towards this site, it is often because the time is getting close to when you will meet your true soul mate. Most people who inquiring about spirituality and spiritual connections are preparing themselves for the growth in their own well being and the need to develop, this is when they feel they are due to meet their soul mate or partner in the fairly near future, remember this only a guide and not a reading on your situation, and I’m writing this article in more general terms to help define a spiritual connection, everyone’s situation is quite unique and time frames are never usually accurate especially with spiritual connections. Now you may find the decryption of a soulmate may be in fact a Twinflame and vice versa or soulmate, which in fact it could be something of a karmic connection from a past life.

What is Karma connection?

Karma, put simply, is cause and effect, or action and reaction. the influence of past over present and how actions in a past life, predetermined the conditions in your present life and character, each life we live shapes our character and our future destiny in a way we seem to have little control over but are entangled with inescapably. Some don’t believe in past lives, it is commonly misunderstood and we may not have all the answers I’m honest to say I’m always willing to learn and research more the spiritual bonds between people in this and other lifetimes, it does exist

over 5 years ago

What is better relationship: soulmate, twin flame or Karma connection? Now it doesn’t mean that having a relationship with you’re twin flame is better than any other spiritual connection, you’re spiritual energy knows what is best in a life time, and you have choices, all are not perfect but in fact equal when it comes to a relationship, with a soulmate they can have their ups and downs just like non soulmate relationships, but with a soulmate there is a certain bond that can’t be broken, with a twin flame, like I said above it is very intense and can make a relationship break and re connect, sometimes years later, with a karma connection, you feel the spiritual energy and want to use it to help the other person with unconditional love and as long as that person is living a happy life and are a part of it what ever way possible that would be the true gift of all. What if there is a confliction with my soulmate connection? With spirituality, it’s very unpredictable and things always happen for a reason, we don’t know why but try to learn from it, people are sent everyday as messengers just as you are sent to people for a reason, you can’t bring someone close if there is a ultimate plan for, you have to know how to deal and handle the energy not to let it dominate you, that you are in control of your own life not others, always remember things happen for a reason and activity spiritually calms and reverses the energy. What is the spiritual reverse?

When you’re soulmate doesn’t feel the energy your giving and basically feels alone, he/she needs to connect, this will bring the relationship into a spiritual reverse, all soulmate connections are 50/50 and the emotions can sometimes take over, but it can reverse that it’s not you any more it can be them working the energy around about the relationship. This helps when the relationship seems to be one sided and the other isn’t contributing enough towards the relationship, as I mentioned about that everyone’s situation is different, and the only accurate way of determine the type of connection and how to overcome obstacles is thru a spiritual energy reading.

over 5 years ago

Spiritual Reverse has been the most asked topics in my classes and studies, I’m trying to find the best method of actually helping one reverse the energy to avoid the spiritual drain on one’s spirit, it isn’t easy, blocking out emotions is difficult, but has worked with some of my students, it requires a combination of the Mind, Body and Spirit, I will be updating this page with more on how ways to reverse the energy.

over 5 years ago

If you have a spiritual connection with someone and are confused if it is a long term situation or someone to walk away from, contact me and I will look into your situation and see if this is a relationship worth pursuing further.

over 4 years ago

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Love & Light Ann

over 4 years ago

I am confused… Can this relation be only two sided or can be one sided??? I am waiting for answer! Suggest me some good book regarding this… Please….

over 4 years ago

Both can feel the soulmate connection

over 3 years ago


Just by chance I came across your post about Soul mates or past life connections and just had to write you! I need help and understanding, maybe you have some ideas. Hope you will read my story.

Here is the story that causes me to go hmmmm…...

In June 2013 I took part in a large lesbian group camping trip, fun, food and lots of new people to meet. I saw a woman standing alone just watching a group of people around a campfire, I felt compelled to go and talk with her. We talked for only about 20 minutes about things like ‘where do you live’and said some polite ‘nice to meet you and enjoy your weekend’ comments and went our own ways. As with many of the new people I met we became FB friends. Never said boo to each other. September 2013 rolls around and I am busy working in my yard and my mind is flooded with overwhelming romantic thoughts of this woman I had met months before. I finished my work and went inside to shower. I checked my phone as usual and much to my surprise and excitement I had a phone message from this very same woman. I never gave her my cell phone number, so she must have asked a mutual friend for my number. I returned the call, of course!!!! We started a regular phone/message relationship, that eventually led to us meeting and dating. We lived 2 hours from each other and it never seemed to bother either one of us, just the way it was. We spent as much time together as our jobs would allow. Things were good and then they were rocky and then they were good and so on. She suffers from anxiety and unfortunately uses alcohol as a coping strategy. Not a good combination. We fell in love and expressed that to each other, but still the ups and downs. Her anxiety was a big part of the problem. Fear of the future and afraid of being hurt, when I have always been a giver and I think it was just too much for her to have someone who could love her for the real her. We both expressed how we felt different about this relationship than any other we had ever experienced and felt comfortable with each other. June 2014 rolls around and out of the blue, when for months things seemed to have been going so smoothly, she breaks up with me. I am in shock and trying to get an answer why. No luck in any form I have tried. I can accept a break up, but this is different. I am an independent woman and okay with who I am. For some reason I cannot let her go, she never leaves my mind for very long and I am completely engulfed by thoughts of her, like my heart will explode. Okay, sounds weird but I cannot explain it any other way. Not an addiction like I can’t live without it but more like a part of me is missing or something is lost. She has been ‘out’ for years and deals with anxiety, fear, low self worth and avoidance of being hurt by another person in her life. I only came ‘out’ 3 years ago and am still legally married to a man. I have a fear of being alone because it has been a long time since I was living by myself and looking after me. We both have things we need to deal with. Soul mate or karmic past life connection?? What do you think?? What lessons may we both need to learn???

Not sure if you can answer these questions, but would love to hear your take on this.

Thank you!

over 3 years ago
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If you have any questions about your relationship and confused where it is headed.

I can help you find out if this is a soulmate or twinflame connection.

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okay so first off thank you, for I love what you have to say about the whole twinflame connection. I’ve been looking for something to sum it up for me as I havent been able to do it myself.

Basically it was completely unexpected. Our eyes met, and that was it. I couldnt tell you her name at the time but i could tell you every one of her emotions. which ones dominated, which ones subsided. it was really overwhelming. and she wouldnt break eye contact for a good 6 seconds- i was the one to break it because I became afraid. we basically allowed each other to see everything- but most of all, I could see Him. I could feel His presence. it was as if angels were watching us. i was absolutely captivated. and as we got to know each other with a bit of hesitation (perhaps refraining from becoming so attached), we would bring out the innocence of each other, let alone talk in sync with even some of the first few conversations. i mean literally in sync and we both would get freaked out lol. idk. i feel like shes my long lost twin. yet we never brought up the connection. perhaps its taboo. i allowed fear to block out some of the connection. which i now regret. and we are both experiencing some of the same troubles. and damn we are so much alike. looks, personality, even religion. background. age. everything. even date of birth/zodiac. and i dont know what else to say, but that shes gone now (new location). but i will always feel connected to her. for ive never felt a connection like it. ever.

thank you again for your post:)

over 3 years ago

Hi, I am in a wierd position at the moment where I have stumbled across this guy that I work with. We have been talking for about 8 months when he randomly suggested I read this book – it was biocentrism. He somehow knew thst I was interested in that kind of stuff and we regularly have deep and intellectually stimulating conversations and we both always have a lot to learn from each other. He is the only person I have met who is as ‘spiritually’ and I guess universally aware as I am, plus I feel that I am connected with him. He is also the opposite sign as me me-virgo, him-pisces but I cannot tell if this is something to pursue or whether we are soulmates of some sort.

over 3 years ago
Hi Grace, There are many types of spiritual connections as you read in my previous posts, you two seem to share a soulmate connection that has not developed which is very common for all soulmates at the beginning, (it can take months to years to develop).

If you would like more insight on your situation and see where it might be headed call me anytime on bitwine, or email me if I’m offline.

Love and Light


over 3 years ago
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E.S (ekukas)

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Hi, your post was really interesting, it gave me a New point of wiev about these things.

over 3 years ago

E.S I’m glad it helped you find clairiy.


over 2 years ago
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I read a lot regarding soulmate, twin flame and karmic connection, yet I am not sure which one applies on my relationship to this guy.

We met suddenly at work. We are different in our believes, nature and personality yet very similar in our values and our “inner soul core” .

At first, I thought “I am glad it is you!” when I met him. We connected directly, we didn’t need to know each other and it is like everything with him came easy. It was easy to connect to him but the whole life was chaos!

He is married and we were friends when I was single. I come from an Asian culture, so my family selected a person for me to “marry” if we agreed, an engagement occurred which is equally to the time I will get to know this guy before marriage! He got cold, harsh and just away and I was only thinking: I wish my fiancee was like this guy. He was the perfect man for me! I wouldn’t want to change anything about him even though I don’t like all about him .. weird huh?

I think though we didn’t talk, we became aware of how deep we feel for each other and I couldn’t go on with my engagement. He confessed he loves me later on and it is amazing because me and him, could sit and discuss things and find a solution for all the parties! It is not an affair attempt or something disrespectful, just simply pure and clean.

So I cut the friendship and he focus on his family but we still work togther, and though we only talk work, the energy between us, is beyond explainable. I can’t handle my emotions or how I feel when he is not there and when he is there, it is like I become neutral, in peace and nothing! I feel like someone take a part of me when he is not here .. it was painful at first but by time .. I grew to feel no matter where he is, I know I will always have him.

I also never worry of losing his love and growing this feelings, I never felt worried of him absuing my trust “I have a huge trust issues and deeper wounds that I only could heal after meeting him” .

So our charts say we have passion, intimacy and karmic lessons .. I did a deep analysis because I wanted to understand this. Also I have a huge connection, I feel him when he is apart and I know things about him before he tells me .. like lately his wife came to know of his feelings to me all of a sudden! Even a year past that confession “the same time I decided to let go and surrender my heart fully to God” .. then also she got pregnant and lost the baby .. which both I knew will happen.

I also feel he will not be married to her for a long run, but I donno what to do!? I mean this feeling, knowing is there but it might be wrong or not even now ! It confuses me a lot and while I was pausing my emotional life, nothing happened but once I surrender, his personal and emotional life went messy! He even came once to my door crying and saying he never felt this before and he doesn’t know how he can love me this much or what to do. I calmed him down and let him go on his path he decided.

I am confused about this situation and I would appreciate if you can help me with what I do?

If I should go on and not look at it because it seems to unfold on weird events day by day! Like his wife just lost the baby and before I had a fever and very sick “for unknown reason” and usually I will get sick “about him” .. I know when it is not “me” or my condition alone but it is connected to him.

I know I sound crazy so I don’t speak it out but it is what it is .. Our connection just go deeper, closer and much beautiful ! much tuned by time even though we separated! It is like no matter what we do, it grows ! so ? any thoughts?

about 1 year ago

Okay, so I need a little help here. I have a sort of bond with this girl, and I’ve known her for a year. I can feel physically and emotionally what she feels. When she gets headaches, I get headaches, when she’s upset, I’m upset, and so on. I don’t know exactly what to make of this. I’ve explained it five other people, and I would like some light on the subject. I’m kind of lost and confused.

about 1 year ago

I met him when I was 15. When he walked in the room I remembered a black tunnel like space we where together coming down very happy surrounded in peace love energy we looked at each other and each asked “who are you” it’s been 34 years since that day and I’ve never known a day I didn’t feel him time or distance not obstacle but great sadness I had to leave him all we wanted was to be one we’ve been separate for three decades he got married I did not find love again I did look recently I feel him call to him my soul I’m not in control of it I find myself with him he is my flame although I never knew the term I feel I will die without him I know this sounds strange but we have never been apart we came through together and something very important is going to happen and I need to know what I can do to protect him bring him to me and if he dies will I

I am an identical twin I have psychic abilities and little education on this

Please help me

about 1 year ago

When I was younger I would have premonition dreams, all of which were events to come in my life (all of which came after horrific night terrors). In quite a few of these premonitions I would see the same woman and occasionally children of which I fully believe to eventually be ours. It may be worth noting that I haven’t seen her yet outside of these premonitions so far. Occasionally I would hear her voice (while I was awake) usually telling me to wait and some of what she’s experiencing in her life. I’m just kind of wondering what kind of connection this would be and if this is in any way “normal”.