Virgo Full Moon - Reality Checks

over 2 years ago

Virgo Full Moon – Reality Checks

18th March 2022 15:17 Kuala Lumpur, 17:17 Sydney, 03:17 EST

Down to Earth

Concerned with the minutiae of life, the Virgo Moon is down to earth and practical. This lends a grounding energy to the abundance of planets in Pisces, which can make us feel as if we are living a dream-like sequence.

The Sun, together with Neptune, Jupiter and Mercury is now in Pisces and opposite the Moon. The abundance of Pisces energy can bring flashes of transcendental inspiration, or we can feel enveloped in a mental fog of illusion. This is a place where boundaries dissolve, and we can receive messages filtered through our dreams or heightened synchronicity.

The Moon in Virgo asks – How can we practically apply and make tangible use of the inspiration that comes through? Pisces gifts the vision of the dream we have and can create in our lives, Virgo shows us the practical ways in which we can work towards that dream in the day to day.

If we are feeling lost and swamped in a pool of emotion and lacking clarity, the Virgo Moon reminds us to focus on the details of our everyday lives. What are the cornerstones of our daily routine that can help us ground? Presiding over everyday ritual and routine, the Virgo Moon reminds us that paying attention to caring for the details of our lives help us to navigate the larger forces and influences of the outside world.


The relationship axis at this Full Moon is also highlighted.

We may be vacillating between romantic and transcendental feelings and emotions, versus the practical realities of our day to day interactions with each other.

Venus in Aquarius is in between Mars and Saturn, squaring Uranus. There is a feeling of wanting to break free and through restrictions and relationship limitations and barriers. This could be especially true in the community social context of friendships and our greater network.

At its best, we can find innovative and out of the box ways of changing the foundations of relational situations that do not work for us. The shadow manifestation could be disruptive and angry outbursts at what feels like oppression in relationships.

Still, this Full Moon encourages us to find the middle path between idealism and practicality, freedom and duty.

Wishing you and inspiring and fruitful Full Moon in Virgo.