November Tarotscopes

over 2 years ago
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Aries: You are going to experience a positive and perhaps an even profound new start. Think back to a time in your life when you have achieved something important to you.

Taurus: You can look forward to positive changes in your love life if you are already involved with someone, but again there is a caveat. It won’t just happen to you out of the blue as it will require your participation and your willingness to change, stretch yourself, and grow.

Gemini: There is an element of travel attached to you. It can indicate an upcoming event which you are considering, and if so, then you should go. It’s going to be much more fun than you think!

Cancer: There is no need to do everything at a breakneck speed, so you need to slow down and not try to do everything at once. Prioritize and prioritize meaningfully and take it from there.

Leo: You are going to be spending time, money, and effort on your home. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you don’t put yourself at risk financially by doing so.

Virgo: Don’t confuse your feelings with facts; they are not one and the same. And the truth with a capital T here – is that you are strong. You are capable of having strong friendships and family relationships. Don’t doubt it for a second.

Libra: It would benefit you to spend some time away. It will give you the chance to consider what needs to be done next in order to bring back some semblance of normality.

Scorpio: You need to be patient a while longer in whatever endeavor is a concern for you. This period of waiting is not going to last forever, but for now that is all you can do. It is out of your hands and quite probably in someone else’s.

Sagittarius: Now is a good time to reaffirm the connections that you and your family, or your friends have. These connections should never be taken for granted and although modern family life in particular is not what it once was that doesn’t mean that yours has to be the same way.

Capricorn: Closely examine how you feel and determine exactly what it is that you fear. It’s easier to face a fear once you know exactly what it is. If it’s something that you can change then change it and see if your fear diminishes at all.

Aquarius: There is likely to be a lot going on and you may feel that it is all getting a bit too much for you. Whether the burden you are carrying is all yours or whether it is partly someone else’s, it may be that you need to lighten the load.

Pisces: You need to clear out the old and make way for the new figuratively speaking. Old ideas, old ways of thinking, perhaps even old lovers, friends and acquaintances, have outlived their purpose.