October TarotScopes

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October TarotScopes

Aries: Sometimes family gatherings and office parties can be stressful. Remember the purpose is to relax and enjoy the company of loved ones. Don’t stress out over it. Put your issues on the shelf along with your work and enjoy time with friends and family.

Taurus: The timing is right to begin a new adventure that will bring positive financial changes in your life. You can generate wealth. The door to abundance begins with a single coin. Remember that security is not in having or possessing things, it is in knowing how to attract them.

Gemini: The self-induced internal chaos and mental anguish you are experiencing stems from your resistance to what is and your imagined fears of what might be. The advice would be to let it go and realize that you cannot control everything.

Cancer: Indecision is equal to a choice made and will reap consequences. These consequences may not be what you would have chosen. It may be better to take the initiative and make a choice.

Leo: When making decisions, keep tradition in mind. Authority rests with you and you answer to your higher self, or a higher power. It is essential to maintain your integrity, especially if the powers that rule are corrupt.

Virgo: You have honed your skills enough to overcome any obstacle but don’t let your guard down just yet. You are almost there and not quite ready to relax. There may be one more challenge ahead so stay resolved and do whatever it takes to finish the journey.

Libra: If you are playing the role of victim in order to manipulate the situation or to get attention on a regular basis, you may want to do some soul searching and evaluate things to see if this approach is working for you. You can regain your personal power in a more positive manner if you set your mind to it.

Scorpio: Happiness and security are yours. Welcome the changes that come into your life now because they are the beginning of a new chapter that will take you down the road into your future. Keep your direction towards creative pursuits and don’t rush or get impatient.

Sagittarius: The situation is so confusing it seems out of control. Don’t panic. Take a step back and take some time to think about the reality of the situation. Solicit the opinion of a trusted friend. Don’t trust your own judgment and don’t trust the one that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Capricorn: Pay attention to your thinking and use the power of your will to direct it toward more positive pursuits that will take your mind off worry over things that you can’t do anything about. This kind of thinking will drain your energy.

Aquarius: Get in touch with your surroundings and world of sights and sounds. Turn your talent for nurturing towards yourself with expressions of gratitude for the abundance that permeates your life. Enjoy some physical pleasures.

Pisces: You may be depressed and lack energy. The thing to change first is your thoughts. Thought forms have created this situation and thought forms can change it for the better.