New Moon in Virgo Horoscopes + Intention Setting Guide

over 2 years ago

Read for your Sun sign & Moon + Rising signs if you know them.

Aries – The mind-body connection, and its impact on your health is being highlighted at this New Moon. Consider the connection between your well-being and the health of your finances and resources. Plant a seed for serenity and good health at this New Moon.

Taurus – You have endured your share of breakdowns and breakthroughs of late Taurus. This New Moon brings greater clarity as to the skills and practicalities you can cultivate, learn or apply to enhance your flow of creativity and expression. Plant a seed to experience finesse and gain mastery over your art. .

Gemini – Consider the impact your environment has on the flow of your daily life and mental well being. How can you bring clear and supportive energies into your surroundings? There could be some confusion around work matters and how you show up in the world.Plant a seed to carve out and connect to sacred space in your environment.

Cancer – Communication, and finding ways to express that which most matters to you is highlighted at this New Moon. Plant a seed for the clearing of mental debris and outmoded beliefs. It is a good time to reinforce the importance of communication with precision and clarity at this New Moon.

Leo – Tidying up your financial matters, and gaining clarity and understanding of the ins and outs of how your resources and money is working for you is highlighted at this New Moon. There could be muddle around the subject of joint resources, so take a step back to consider and understand, not act. Plant a seed for financial clarity and abundance this New Moon.

Virgo – At your best, you can connect with a crystal clear knowing that flows through your spirit. What you need to focus on for your future can come through in powerful messages right now. Relationships and the mirror of the other can be confusing and throw up certain illusions right now. Focus on self and plant a seed for the renewal and connection to your sacred purpose.

Libra – The grace and beauty that has been at your disposal, interestingly, comes with a darker edge. Relationships have required a necessary encounter with the shadow, and it is here that you can weigh the scales that tip the balance between the right amount of love and power. Plant the seed to anchor into a daily spiritual practice that reconnects you with truth.

Scorpio – Relationships have become a mirror of surprising truths and revelations that have been challenging you to come to terms with the depths and power within yourself. As you are strengthening your soul, this New Moon calls for you to tidy up your networks and social connections. Plant a seed for the fruition and growth of more meaningful friendships and community.

Sagittarius – You are gaining traction in the realm of your career and calling. There may be a different approach or innovation called for in your daily routine that will further cement the new energies that are emerging. Plant a seed for efficiency and mastery in your life’s work.

Capricorn – This New Moon shines a light on gaining clarity about the wisdom that is inherent in your beliefs. What and how do you apply this wisdom in a practical way? Plant a seed for connecting with a guiding vision that will carry you to new heights.

Aquarius – The marriage of discipline, expansion and freedom have been themes in your life for a spell Aquarius. This New Moon draws your attention towards the skills and resources that you share with others. How do you participate and draw on these in a way that is beneficial to all? Plant a seed for being of service to others, and allowing the gifts of others be a blessing in your life.

Pisces – A fresh, clear look into the heart of your relationships is a gift at this New Moon Pisces. Insights may bring about surprising and eclectic communication with the potential to bring greater understanding and connection. Allow relationships and partnerships of all kinds to be a source of grounding as you explore the complexities of your soul.