New Moon in Virgo - Down to Earth and Dreaming

over 2 years ago

7th September 2021 08:51 Kuala Lumpur, 06:51 Sydney, 6 Sept 20:51 EST

Earth Anchor

The sweet steadiness of elemental Earth at this New Moon invites us to feel into her pulse. Feeling and aligning with the heartbeat of this Earthy rhythm can lead us back into right relationship with ourselves, and the domain of our life.

The tending of our domain, and the spheres of our daily life is presided by the Astrological sign of Virgo. Virgo is down to Earth, possessing keen intelligence that is practical as well as skillful.

Virgo reminds us that it is chopping wood and carrying water, and tending to our daily practices, that gain us eventual mastery.

A Rebel Rousing Ally

Our New Moon in Virgo is electrically touched by Uranus in Taurus. The daily touchstones of our lives have been shaken up by Uranus in Taurus. Our relationship to the Earth, our bodies, and our resources have been irrevocably changed. Uranus demands innovation.

At this New Moon, Uranus harmonizes and brings brilliant flashes of inspiration and vision – as to how we need to move forward.

We may understand what skills and practices we need to bring into our daily lives, or understand what we need to anchor and cultivate well being in our lives. We may decide to drastically turn our lives around, or suddenly see a necessary change in direction. Whatever the insight of Uranus at this time, we can plant a seed to anchor it’s truth, simplicity and authenticity in our lives at this time.

The Paradox of Action and Stillness

Paradoxically, at this time, we may find that applying effort and analysis in pushing forward, brings us confusion and thwarted results.

Mars, our planet of action and will, is also in the sign of Virgo, meeting up with heavy weight Neptune, strong in its own sign of Pisces.

It is not the time to push forward against all odds. Rather, there is benefit in remaining still, sinking into the support of the Earth, distilling the Earth’s and our own dreaming, so that we may hear and receive the set of instructions that are coming for us.

Wishing you a most brilliant and inspiring New Moon.