Tarotscope September 2021

over 2 years ago
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Aries: Your mind is shifting to a more grounded state. The key is to trust and communicate with clarity. Be open and accept what you hear until you have proof of otherwise.

Taurus: Spiritually you feel much lighter, more spontaneous and more energetic. You are able to combine wisdom without criticism.

Gemini: There maybe a heavy resistance to change. Be cautious of allowing sadness or regret to consume you.

Cancer: Your mind is filled with ideas, invention and inspiration. A boost in your self esteem is coming from a strong belief in yourself.

Leo: Try to seek balance in your life as you may be swaying in many directions. Impose a limit on time that you give to others.

Virgo: You have the mental stamina to pursue your goals and achieve them. Now is the time to be focused and have faith in yourself.

Libra: Make empowerment a theme in how you interact with others. The first step to moving in a positive direction is to clarify where you want to go. Rather than staying focused on what’s wrong with a situation or what you don’t want, begin to focus on what you do want.

Scorpio: The imagination is a source of entertainment, new ideas, and inspiration. Our dreams can sometimes lead us to develop tangible goals. At other times, they may point to important things within us, brewing beneath the surface.

Sagittarius: To listen attentively is one of the most powerful, effective, and constructive responses you can offer to another person. It is far more effective than trying to solve someone’s problem or change how they feel. It is certainly better than attempting to defend yourself.

Capricorn: If you open your heart and invite feelings in, all will be safe. By not holding back, you won’t keep feelings dammed up inside of you. If you don’t push against them, they remain free to move and flow like water – all the way through.

Aquarius: Acceptance is a key that can unlock the doors of a stuck situation. When you open the doors with acceptance, you can begin to breathe more freely. The key is in your heart. As you open your heart and begin to find acceptance, many things in a situation become free to move again.

Pisces: If you feel drained or get upset in the process of giving support, check your boundaries. You may need to take time out to deal with an issue of your own that is coming up in order to regain your resourcefulness.