A future paving Full Moon in Aquarius ✨

over 2 years ago

Aquarius Full Moon – An Eye to the Future

22nd August 2021 20:01 Kuala Lumpur, 22:01 Sydney, 10:01 EST

It works better together

This is the second of the two Full Moons in Aquarius that occur this year, and this final one bears a special signature.

Our lady of the night light is poised at the final degree of the Water Bearer. She is conjunct to our great benefic, Jupiter, the bestower of blessing and expansion.

We have come through certain difficulties during this cycle. Aquarius has called for a certain inventiveness with an eye to the future. We have dealt with the implications in the groups and communities we belong to.

We have had to address the question of integrity, support and challenges that come from working and being together. Most importantly, we have had to examine where our hearts are, within these settings.

Jupiter at this time magnifies and amplifies the energy and there is a certain sense of excitement and instability in the air.

Full Moons bring a culmination and emotional message as to where we are at, showing us the fruits of our previous labour. This Full Moon brings a potent message. For many of us it will be about how we find and create meaning and progress in our lives, together.

Celestial Celebrations

Through the intense energies, the skies at the moment seem to also acknowledge just how far we have come this year. We have been tossed about through the chaotic and uprooting energies of our planetary heavy weights Uranus and Saturn.

We have been tasked with upholding our integrity and drawing upon deep wells of resilience as foundations crumbled in our lives. We have been examining what is truly important to sustain us in life, and asked to find others whom we can ally with to create these new realities.

WIth the lights of our luminaries cresting to a strong peak we may ride with a certain sense of celebration and joy at the understanding that this Full Moon reveals – that this is the balm we need, the sharing of our gifts with each other, and that we are the ones we have been waiting for.

The Reward of Relationships

There are several other notable aspects at this Full Moon. Our other benefic, beautiful Venus is making a trine to sturdy Saturn, supporting the blossoming and deepening of relationships in our lives.

Challenges that we have been experiencing can come to light and be worked upon now. This is a beautiful window for acceptance and drawing upon the beauty inherent in our connections to build strong bridges and foundations that will carry us as we move forward.

If we feel off kilter and a little manic with excitement due to the collective energies, we can find refuge in grounding our bodies, and enjoying Venusian pleasures. Art, a warm bath, a heart to heart talk with a loved one are beautiful activities to enjoy at this Full Moon.

Have a bountiful Full Moon and I wish you much joy and the fruition of your success at this time.

Art – Rabbits at full moon (1920 – 1930) by Ohara Koson