New Moon in Leo Horoscopes : )

over 2 years ago

Please read for your Sun, + Rising and Moon signs if you know it.


It’s time to either celebrate – or plot your creative breakthrough. What lessons have you learned around your friendships and finances that further or hinder your cause? Time to apply this new found wisdom wisely, and plant a seed for future creative success.


Home is where the heart is this New Moon. How much of your heart and self expression is reflected in your environment? Anchor in the new creative vision you have for your home and family. Plant a seed for joy, warmth and play at home.


A tapestry of heartfelt conversations, flashes of creative brilliance and colourful communications bring deeper realizations. Explore these possibilities with your characteristic open mind Gemini, and plant a seed for your mind’s expansion.


Your innate talents and brilliance, and the value that you bring to the table is lit up at this New Moon. How do you engage your relationship with your money and finances in a fun and creative way? Plant a seed for creating more joy and abundance in your life.


This is your New Moon Leo. You shine even brighter, your light being tempered by the lessons you’ve been through this year. You have a greater understanding of your innate gifts, and how you can better share it with the world. Plant a seed for the realization of your soul’s purpose and potential.


A spiritual light blazes within Virgo, and at this New Moon touches the edges of your reality in new and profound ways. What spiritual messages or guidance has shaken your world lately? Have you allowed it to? Plant a seed to connect with your spiritual light and truth within.


Your friendships can serve as a catalyst for your inspiration right now Libra. Let them reflect to you the creative possibilities that are there for the taking. You understand the foundation and discipline that is required to bring these visions to life. Run with it and plant a seed for supportive, warm, loving and fun relations.


You bring intuitive intelligence and deep soulfulness to any project that you invest your energy in Scorpio. This New Moon brings light and recognition to your achievements. Enjoy the celebration and plant a seed for the success of all your endeavours.


What new vision and adventure is crystallising in your life at this time Sagittarius? This New Moon brings fuel for fire, lighting up the areas of that which most inspire and touch you. Tap into this beautiful current of energy and plant a seed for the success of a sacred quest.


You have the knack of bringing what is most needed to the table. You also understand the value of what others contribute to the pool. The wise shepherding of these resources, and a celebration of these combined efforts is called for at this cycle. Plant a seed for the success and fruition of the shared resources, energies and efforts in your life.


This New Moon highlights the creative nature of your relationships, and how they have been helping you become more yourself. It has been a serious season with Saturn in your sign. This New Moon is an opportunity to reignite passion, romance, fun and connection in your partnerships. Plant a seed for heartfelt, fun and beautiful relationships.


Your routine and day to day need not be mundane, not for a soul like you. This New Moon brings an enlivening fun and warmth that you can channel in a bit of play or creative pursuit. Plant to seed to develop a new creative skill or to anchor in a bit of playfulness and joy in your everyday.