Magical New Moon in Leo

over 2 years ago

Leo New Moon – Your Heart’s Magical Light 8th August 2021

21:50 Kuala Lumpur, 23:50 Sydney, 09:50 EST

Unique Heart Radiance

The unique heart radiance that each of us possess, and the urge to express it is highlighted at this Leo New Moon. Leo reminds us that we each have something special within us. During this New Moon, we can reconnect to this essence. We are encouraged to harness this magical light of our heart, for it is what connects us to the flow of joy, play and creativity.

As a Fixed Fire Sign, Leo, like it’s element, feeds on the energy of praise, recognition and applause for it’s radiance. We are learning how to support, and find the right support to allow the light within us to grow.

Tending to the Creative Fire

Many of us have lost touch with uninhibited expression, play, and creativity.

We may have been shut down, told we are too sensitive, dramatic, loud or wild as we ran with this energy as children.

Our light and playful creativity may be buried under the facade of too much seriousness and responsibility.

It may take some work and encouragement for us to reconnect with these lost sparks. We can allow it to become a flame, then a creative fire we can tend. This light of vitality and creativity can then feed us, and others around us.

The Astrology has been teaching us about finding the right environment, and people that we can support, and who support us in this endeavour.

Community, discipline and balance

Saturn, currently resident in the sign of Aquarius, has been teaching us about collective energy and communities. We are learning the lessons of boundaries, responsibilities, and what it means to be human, together, during these precarious times.

As Leo brings the individual heart and warmth to the equation, Aquarius reminds us of what we can, and must do together, for the sake of all of our collective well-being.

Tapping into the currents of change In the last weeks, we have been pushed to liberate ourselves from self defeating patterns and beliefs. At the same time, we have been examining our role in the world, amongst our friends, and the communities we belong to.

Does it still speak to our hearts? What is the gap that needs to be filled if we were to step up, and into the full power and expression of our hearts?

We have been tasked with crossing the threshold to create this reality, and this Leo New Moon is a propitious time to begin.

Wishing you a blazing, fun and brilliant Leo New Moon.