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February TarotScopes

about 1 year ago

Aries: Try and do good business on the same level or learn a little about the secret of success. Don’t allow yourself to be too dazzled by material wealth, but instead, ask yourself what possessions mean to you. Equality functions on different levels. Pay attention to your own strengths, even if they are not of a material nature.

Taurus: You will meet someone who is banging his or her head against a brick wall. It may be that you are amazed and captured by this person’s intelligence and commitment, or that you find his or her behavior as being over-exaggerated. Be open to positive thoughts and ideas and put them into action where significant. If necessary ask yourself the meaning behind realizing blank theories, or, as the case may be, your own attitude to rationality.

Gemini: You could be plagued by fears and worries; you might even rack your brains over something. Such an intensive altercation is sometimes necessary even if it gives rise to an unpleasant feeling. Accept this feeling, as long as you consider it to be necessary, so as to be consciously aware of the negative. Don’t lose yourself within this feeling, but, on the contrary, try to bask yourself in the sun of it.

Cancer: There will be cause for happiness and exuberance. You might be going to a party, going on an outing with someone, or meeting spontaneously for coffee. In any case it will be a social event. Don’t begrudge yourself celebrating a little, not being over-particular and forgetting the humdrum of everyday life, but take care you don’t slip into doing superficial things or completely overlooking the really important matters.

Leo: Emotion, passion and instinct are the focus. It could be you that tackle things with more emotion or instinct than usual. Give your emotions and passions more scope in all that you do and also ask yourself what would give you pleasure or what you would enjoy doing. But be careful to keep a firm hold over yourself.

Virgo: You are actually feeling fine at the present moment, but this feeling of goodness is too much for you. You might have a slight hangover, someone may be overwhelming you with kindliness, or you are simply eating too many sweets. You need more space. Allow yourself this space in order to get everything back into balance, but, in regards to relationships, be careful to leave a window open when closing the door.

Libra: This month is all about keeping balance and letting oneself be guided. It could be that you have to curb your boundless emotions, or that you need guidance so that you don’t lose yourself in your emotions. Don’t suppress your feelings, nevertheless be careful and don’t act too spontaneously. Let yourself be guided by taking each step intuitively and consciously.

Scorpio: Making a decision or clearing up a certain matter will occupy you. Probably you already have an idea of what it is about. First of all be available for this subject, but let the matters mature. Make a decision or come to an agreement if you are confident enough, but do not force a premature decision.

Sagittarius: You will meet up with someone who shows clear authority and aims. You will probably feel respect for and have confidence in this person. Now just ask yourself how you could try to reach or accomplish your aims. Orientate yourself on this person’s ideal character, but even more bring your own independence and strength to life.

Capricorn: There will be an opportunity for something to materialize. Something, which for a long time has only been a wish or an idea, will now begin to take shape. Remain open to this process and try helping and supporting it with suitable measures. Don’t stifle the affair through inactivity, but at the same time don’t force it unnecessarily. It might just be about some news or a letter you will receive.

Aquarius: A controversy or severe argument will cause a lot of upset and agitation. You may feel like a winner but you could also leave the scene of action a loser. Look at this controversy consciously and observe your own share in it, but try not to let it escalate unnecessarily.

Pisces: Order, structure and planning are the subjects which should be put first. It may be that projects have to be organized or just simply that things have to be put straight. Think it over, plan things carefully or put them in order without reacting hard or rigid.