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Twin Flames what does it mean

about 1 year ago
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Ms Erica Rose (psychic.ericka.rose)

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So with all Twin Flames you go through a cycle each part has a phase, (kinda like a menstrual cycle) (TMI i know but read on) So the first stage is Karmic connections or karmic relationships PHASE 1 Karmic connections These relationships are always painful yes strong deep and hurt to the core there meant to open you up and prepare you for your true love soulmate/twin-flame. I call it the (Yearning stage) in which we often feel that the karmic connection is the twin flame, it’s hard to think it isn’t given the deep emotional connection we feel towards the person. But it’s something we have to experience whether it’s a test of are self’s strengths and weakness, or a sexual experience we need to have these people cross our paths to help ready us for the real experience. In this first phase after the massive heartbreak emotional break down whatever you want to call it. We start to search for someone, we start to delve deep within us to find the flaws are weakness and in this mess of emotions, We find our true self’s, We also start to Yearn for the love of our lives this will start the the process and so the search begins. PHASE 2 Glimpsing After going through the horrible break up and tragic feelings of loss. You will start to image are visualize what the perfect partner would be? you will in some cases dream of this > perfect< love and some even feel like the dream is real and awake remembering every inch of the dreams, This is would be you being given a glimpse of this wonderful prince/princess. (The epic meeting) you will at some point meet him/her and feel extremely connected you will be attracted but no relationship will take place. Because of the pain from the karmic connection. You will hold off but in your mind/body/spirit you will start to feel so close to the person that you can feel him/her near even if they’re not on the same continent with you, Again you will meet and you will start a relationship and it will be wonderful (The Fairy Tail) the fairy tail phase is the glue so to speak that makes you both want to hold on through the next phase. In this phase you will find such a deep connection deeper than any other relationship and this is even deeper than the karmic relationships, so deep you will sorta forget about the past relationships it’s a love that can’t be explained and will by all means be tested but in your experience you will fall madly in love and deeper as the days pass. In the next phase i call it the (Hell and high water) phase 3 lol Phase 3 mirror This is one of the hardest most difficult experience,, A time to grow and look at yourself the mirroring phase is not fun not in the least bit. In this phase of the relationship it’s about seeing yourself through your lovers eyes. Recognizing your downfalls and inner weakness and pain, helping one another overcome these obstacles . But the truth hurts, and that is what this whole phase is about realizing and recognizing and seeing yourself your true colors your worst fears your biggest kept secrets, All of it exposed. All of that karma that built up leading up to this point, starts to hit you in the face, You will start to have problems fights and arguments and disagreements this is why i call it (hell and high water phase) a test of time and patience is now here and you will see the trust and grudges build Do you have the patience and will you be willing to hang on well this phase almost always leads to a break/break up either way you will find each other again but you will have to be ready and prepared to change to learn to understand,,,,,, I will post more in a few days for now this will give you something to think about as always Love and Light Psychic Ericka Rose

10 months ago
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I have had a twin flame experience and been together for 4 years. It has been positive for three years. We have the potential to succeed though I have come to other realizations that is making us transition. I know we would succeed, however I have decided not wanting to commit to the small challenges. I know exactly what to do to get us there, but I want something else… So my whole point is, Twin Flame or soulmate or not…not everything is guaranteed in life and we all have free will. There isn’t always a definite. It just matters on free will or if both couples decide to overcome. The old school had done it and some are positive relationships. Twin Flame and Soulmates are questionable. Anybody can have an impact on your life… just like your environment or your past shaping what you might be…thats all.