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energy enlightenment

over 2 years ago

I know a few of you who read my bio see where I mention being an energy enlightenment specialist but what exactly is energy enlightenment? As previously mentioned in my bio it is a process that involves softening and removing any unhealthy and toxic forces out of you’re energy and spirit. Everyone’s aura is one of a kind and usually bright however when unhealthy thoughts and emotions begin to accumulate our minds and emotions it slowly creates a dimming affect in our energy. The darker our energy becomes the more we begin to feel gloomy the best way to put this in a perspective is imagining a dark cloud sitting above you’re head and the cloud grower darker and raining more sort of like what you used too see in basically every cartoon growing up. This might sound scary but have zero fear! This is a very common thing that happens it is basically what I call a spiritual cold and like all colds it is healed and renewed easily. What I normally do for those who call in is give the client a simple daily meditation process they follow for however long until they notice changes in their thoughts and mood. A key point to understand is that just like how everyone has a unique energy the time-frame for noticing changes is also unique (remember everyone is different) some people take only a week while some take a month or a few while in some rare cases take up to over a year (again that is super rare) in order too really see this work you have too keep up with this daily, stay positive, and committed too the process. Imagine this as dieting or eating better we do this too nourish our bodies with the important and good things we need to be healthy in the same way energy enlightenment works as a spiritual diet and what do both total opposite things have in common? With focus, a good mindset, commitment, and turning it into a daily routine you start to notice results! So what are you waiting for? Nourish, Grow, And Enlighten you’re spirit today! With love,Julia