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What brings me the most joy being a psychic

over 2 years ago

The question I’m asked most of the time is “what is the most fullfilling part about being a psychic?” and every single time I’m asked this question I find it difficult to only give one answer, so in this article I’m going to name a few. The first thing that brings me joy is the ability to help people being a psychic means having the ability to see,feel, and hear beyond more then just the basic human senses it means I am able to reach deeper within ones spirit, and divine world hence getting the answers and finding the solution to their biggest issues or blockages they face, something about being able to answer someone’s biggest question makes my spirit happy just seeing the relief, the strength they gain out of finally knowing what to do is an amazing thing to be apart of. The second thing is being able to reunite so many lost soulmates, broken families, and restoring any broken friendships as well as family relationships, just being able to see someone rebuild and restore something broken into something ten times more beautiful with their loved one makes me so thankful to have the gifts I have. The final thing and probably the most fulfilling part of my gift is to be able to watch so many people who once felt weak,small, unworthy and heartbroken truly rise above those negative emotions and see the people who they truly are, watching so many people find beauties in the struggles they face, seeing people overcome those issues by learning to appreciate what they have now, and overall watching people fulfill and enrich their futures as well as present, always squeezes my heart every single time. Thank you for reading this…I hope to hear from you soon, with love- Julia