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Prayer to Saint Expedite for Quick Action!!!

over 2 years ago

Pray to Saint Expedite

Saint Expedite, Noble Roman youth, martyr, You who quickly brings things to pass, You who never delays, I come to you in need:

__ (Clearly express what you want and ask him to find a way to get it to you.)

Do this for me, Saint Expedite, and when it is accomplished, I will as rapidly reply with an offering to you.

(State your vow or promise)

Be quick, Saint Expedite! Grant my wish before your candle burns out, and I will glorify your name.


As you say this prayer, light a glass-encased Saint Expedite candle (with the saint’s picture on it) next to a glass of water. Recite the prayer once a day for as long as the candle burns (usually several days) and when your request is granted, pour the water from the water glass into the empty glass container that held the candle. Place some fresh cut flowers in the candle glass, use it like a vase. You may also offer a slice of pound cake. Then place an ad in the newspaper thanking Saint Expedite, to spread his fame.