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Spiritual message for 21 09 2017

about 1 year ago
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Thinking evil, speaking evil and seeing evil invariably leads to total ruin. For example, in Mahabharata, Duryodhana always had evil thoughts about the Pandavas and ultimately he brought destruction upon his entire family. The Ramayana had the story of Kaikeyi, who listened to the evil counsel of Manthara, and so lost not only her husband but the regard and love of her son Bharata. Learn to live in harmony and unity. Every organ in the body functions in cooperation with every other part. If your foot steps on a thorn, your eye feels the pain and sheds tears. If your eye notices a thorn or stone on the road, it warns the foot to avoid it. You must also develop the same sense of unity and share your joys and troubles as one family. There is nothing you cannot achieve with unity as your strength. With purity and unity, your genuine devotion to God will also grow. Make purity, unity, divinity your watchwords; they alone will ensure material and spiritual well-being.