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Spiritual message for 09 09 2017

about 1 year ago
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Intelligence is a double-edged sword. It can cut chains and liberate you; it can cause fatal wounds and kill. Hence the great Gayatri Mantra prays to God to preside over the intelligence and render it beneficial to individuals and society. The education of the emotions and the control of passions are both part of Yoga, the spiritual discipline that purifies the intelligence. To penetrate the thick fog that ignorance spreads over Reality, intelligence must be built on the basis of virtues. When action (Karma) is done as dedication and Upasana (worship) is done as essential for very life, the fog of intelligence melts and disappears revealing the truth. Karma, when engaged in as dedicated to God, loses its evil effects for the doer leaving the consequence to God! Moreover, as every act is considered as an act of worship, it is done to the best of one’s ability transmuting mundane Karma into worship.