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Spiritual message for 31 08 2017

about 1 year ago
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Without giving up sloth, how can Truth be known? Without giving up passion, how can devotion take root? Be serene and calm in stress and storm – that is the Satwik or pious path to win the Lord, the Truth. The mind is a wonder, its antics are even more surprising. It has no distinct form or shape. It assumes the shape or form of what it is involved in. Wandering from wish to wish, flitting from one desire to another is its nature. It causes loss and grief, elation and depression. Its effects are both positive and negative. The mind will gather experiences and store them in the memory for ever. It does not know the art of giving up! As a consequence, grief, anxiety and misery continue simmering in it. It is worthwhile to know the characteristics of your mind and the ways to master it, for you will ultimately benefit! Teach it sacrifice (tyaga), and you will become spiritually wise (yogi)!