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Online Psychic Buttons Help Crack the Future – Not Your Wallet

Online Psychic Network’s low commissions help make tarot readings more accurate and affordable for all. New Web site buttons pay Psychic advisors to market their services.

Tenafly, NJ January 25,2010- The Online Psychic Network, powered by BitWine, announced today a new way for anyone to contact and hire professional psychic advisors for a tarot reading, psychic reading, clairvoyant chat, and more. BitWine Buttons are dynamic images for Web sites showing an advisor’s online status. Site visitors can click on the image and chat with or leave a message for their psychic. BitWine Buttons are free. The psychic advisor receives a $50 credit in commission fee for with every new paying customer.

The need for spiritual advisors in today’s world is only growing with many people looking online for guidance with relationships and spirituality. Finding professional, ethical and yet affordable psychics can be difficult. The Online Psychic Network applies the power of social networking to help those consumers obtain the advice they seek at a price they can afford.

“When we first developed the Online Psychic Network, we wanted to make the power of the tarot accessible and affordable for all,” says Jennifer Glover, Community Relationship Manager at the Online Psychic Network, “The BitWine Buttons are our latest tool to help Psychic advisors and their customers find one another in the simplest and most affordable way possible.

Low Fees Means Better Tarot Readings

Affordable, though, is hardly the word to describe other online networks for psychic professionals. Many such sites charge heavy commissions, forcing respected advisors to overcharge consumers. One popular site takes a forty-five percent commission on every single reading, and that leaves some wondering about the benefits of such a site.

“When commission fees reach nearly half of my income, online reading just aren’t worth my while,” says Prophetic Wisdom, a respected, US-based psychic.

By contrast, BitWine charges psychic advisors just 25 percent of their fees, roughly the same amount of overhead businesses routinely pay for employees. These fees are some of the lowest in the industry, and they replace the costs psychic advisor would incur on marketing and advertising services.

The lower fees can make all the difference for professionals who chose to practice online. “Lower commission fees give me more time to work with each client, and that means a better overall reading,” says psychic Kalena Moon.

BitWine Badges

Now BitWine is expanding the reach of psychic advisors. Previously, psychics could only offer their services to visitors to of the Online Psychic Network, but now with BitWine Buttons psychic advisors can sell their services to any Web site visitor.

Equipping sites with an Online Psychic affiliation is easy. Psychic advisors simply copy and paste an HTML code snippet into their site. Once placed on the site, the button changes appearance whenever the psychic advisor is online and invites visitors to call him or her. When the psychic advisor is offline or busy, the Button informs visitors to leave a message. BitWine Buttons bring Online Psychic Network to the consumers so consumers don’t have to first come to the Online Psychic Network. Now anyone can get the guidance they need, when they need it, thanks to the power of the BitWine network.

About the Online Psychic Network

The Online Psychic Network is quickly becoming the top destination place for anyone looking for guidance about love, relationship and life’s day to day challenges. Trusted psychics and spiritual advisors are available online for one-on-one tarot readings, spiritual coaching, and connection with deceased loved ones.

About BitWine

Founded in 2006, BitWine is the premier online destination for anyone who is seeking expert advice. We have recruited professionals from fields as diverse as Nutrition, Technology, Psychic Reading, Travel, and have made these experts available for face-to-face consultation via computer, right in the comfort of your own home.

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