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Love and Relationship Insights are Popular as Valentine’s Day Approaches

People who are wondering what will happen next in their Love Life are turning to psychic advisors for answers and guidance at the Online Psychic Network

Online PR News – 09-February-2011 –It is that time of year again, St. Valentine’s Day, and people are looking for insight and guidance into their love life, their romances and relationships. Over the last two weeks, the Online Psychic Network, powered by Bitwine Inc. has seen an increase of 21% in relationship questions being asked on their “Ask-a-Psychic” Forum, as well as in direct psychic chat with the advisors. “February is the month of love, and Valentine’s Day opens up everyone’s thoughts to romance, relationships, soul mates, and wondering about past love’s and maybe the ‘one that got away’. Our network of advisors are providing the guidance and insight into this area of life for our clients” says Jennifer Glover, Community Relationship Manager. “A psychic reading can provide insight into past relationships and bring to the surface issues that may have caused problems. A tarot reading can also address present situations that may need changes in order for it to become more successful, more romantic and bring forth commitments. The future can also be seen for relationships, and our advisors can provide time lines and things to watch out for.”

The advisors at the Online Psychic Network can provide a wide variety of services and information pertaining to relationships, dating and marriage, family life, soul mates, compatibility and commitment questions. Ms Glover explains, “Love is one of the most thought about and talked about emotions. The reason for this is simple: we question and talk the most about those things which we are not able to understand. And, all of us fall short when it comes to understanding love. It is also one of the most complicated of all emotions known to man. Because most of us are uncertain about love when relationships begin, sometimes we have problems seeing truth and reality, and we stay confused throughout life regarding this aspect of human emotion. This is where a psychic reading can help. Our advisors can take a non-emotional third party approach to your situation, bring to the surface any issues or concerns, and bring clarity to confusion.”

Stephanie, who is also known as Spirit Walker provides relationship insights to clients at reasonable prices. Relationships are her specialty and she respects that every person has a different situation is special and unique. Her current special is $25 for a 20 minute reading during Valentine’s Day. LightRae another one of the featured psychics, is offering her services at 50% off at the Online Psychic Network. She offers clarity to her clients who come to her with romance and relationship questions, and will help find the best possible solutions.

About the Online Psychic Network The Online Psychic Network is quickly becoming the top destination place for anyone looking for guidance about love, relationship and life’s day to day challenges. With our communication and billing platform and our integration with social networks, our trusted psychics and spiritual advisors are available online for one-on-one tarot readings, spiritual coaching, and connection with deceased loved ones.

About BitWine Bitwine is an innovator in building and running a platform which includes chat and phone services that enables people to receive personal consulting and counseling. Its global network allows prospective clients to meet and hire specialists in nutrition, technology, travel, life coaching and more. Clients can reach experts from around the world, anonymously, from the comfort of their home.

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