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Web 2.0 meets Spirituality: Technology startup BitWine Introduces the Online Psychic Network – Tarot Readings by Professional Online Psychics

Can psychic mediums really see the future? Do psychic readings really work? New Online Psychic Network by BitWine invites everyone to try for themselves, hassle-free via live Internet psychic chat technology

Tenafly, NJ (PRWEB) December 22, 2009—Every day, millions of people turn to psychic readings for personal guidance, but until recently they were hard pressed to identify a real tarot reading from a sham without disclosing their identity. The Online Psychic Network is the first Internet-based marketplace for the psychic community that uses social networking to let customers find, rate, and engage with real online psychics anonymously.

“We in the psychic community have tried for years to help the public find trustworthy psychics,” says Jennifer Glover, the community manager for the Online Psychic Network, “The Online Psychic Network give us a tool to do just that simply and effectively.”

Despite social stigmas, psychics play an important role in today’s society. An August survey from the Pew Forum on Religious and Public life suggested that 65 percent of Americans believed in or had experience with psychics or astrology. According to a 1998 UK-based survey, 92 percent of Britons believed in the paranormal and more than half of them thought telepathy works.

Nor are psychic’s influence confined to individuals. Both the United States and European countries have used psychics in government inquiries, including police investigations. Large companies have done the same. Seagate Technology, designer of the hard drive that’s incorporated into both the PlayStation 3 and the X-box, has tapped the services of world-renowned psychic and bestselling author Laura Day.

Online Psychic Growth However, in an industry stereotyped by charlatans, finding a trustworthy psychic medium is a challenge for many. Social networks, the biggest story of the last decade, have helped. From MySpace to Twitter, consumers can receive an online tarot reading or other type of psychic reading. However, these networks lack rating systems and other Web u2.0 tools that help consumers separate real psychics from quacks.

Dedicated psychic marketplaces go a step further helping customers and psychic mediums. For consumers, psychic marketplaces provide tools for rating and reviewing online psychics. They provide psychic mediums with a global client base.

Last quarter, LivePerson (NASDAQ:LPSN), which operates an online psychic marketplace, generated approximately $150,000 in cash from its consumer business and saw revenues increase nine percent, nearly three times more than what it had projected in the second quarter. Another psychic marketplace has seen more than thirty-four million visitors since it launched in 2002.

A Psychic Network for Today Existing psychic marketplaces, though, pose problems for consumers and the psychic mediums. They typically require consumers to disclose their identity, which can be a sensitive issue for many. They also force psychics to pay high commissions to the marketplace provider, forcing them to pass those expense onto the consumer.

With the Online Psychic Network, consumers looking for a Psychic Medium or Tarot Card Reading are more apt to find the right psychic at a price they can afford without having to reveal their identity. The Online Psychic Network lets customers use a combination of social networking tools and promotions to find the psychic right for them.

  • Rating systems let consumers evaluate and report on their psychic reading experiences.
  • Profile pages allow psychics to explain their credentials and their services.
  • Free initial psychic chat lets consumers “try before they buy” psychic reading services.

Most marketplaces force consumers to register with the network and in so doing disclose their identity. With the Online Psychic Network, customers can contact psychics anonymously, avoiding any social stigma.

Finally, online marketplaces often take forty even fifty percent of a psychic advisor’s fees in commissions. The best psychics end up passing on those costs to consumers or leaving the marketplace altogether. The Online Psychic Network charges low commission fee, retaining high quality psychic advisors who can pass those savings onto their customers

Psychic marketplaces. They’re good for the psychics and for the consumers. They bring a global market to the psychics and provide consumers the tools to select the psychic right for them. With the affordability and anonymity of the Online Psychic Network it’s easy to see why these marketplaces are changing the future of psychic readings.

About the Online Psychic Network The Online Psychic Network by Bitwine is quickly becoming the top destination place for anyone looking for guidance about love, relationship and life’s day to day challenges. Trusted Psychics and spiritual advisers are available online for one-on-one tarot readings, spiritual coaching, and connection with deceased loved ones.

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