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Bitwine Inc. Debuts The Ask a Psychic Forum

Growth accelerating with thirty eight psychics joining the Online Psychic Network last month

Online PR News – 24-May-2010 – The new “Ask a Psychic” Forum at Bitwine Inc. is a place for members seeking rapid answers and insight, to “Ask a Psychic” questions. The forum connects clients to advisors who can provide them with the guidance which they are looking for. The service is real-time and easy; a client posts their question to the forum, and relevant psychics reply with how they can be of service. For many clients, this is a much faster way to connect with an online psychic who is already familiar with the question at hand. Jennifer Glover, the Community Relationship Manager of the Online Psychic Network says, “We have had a wonderful response by both the clients and the advisors with our new forum. The clients are seeing who is available to them, and the advisors are able to promote their personal services. It is a success. We are excited to promote this new community forum available within the Online Psychic Network.”

In addition to the “Ask a Psychic” forum, Bitwine Inc. announced that thirty eight new advisors have joined the Online Psychic Network over the past few weeks. “We welcome our newest psychic advisors,” says Jennifer Glover, community manager of the Online Psychic Network, “each are offering their professional services, from a psychic reading and spiritual connection to astrology and other divination. Our network continues to grow and it is excellent to see such a range of abilities.”

Kathi Calahan thinks of her self as a “Renaissance Woman” with a variety of psychic and business abilities. “I am a psychic medium, Tarot Cards Reader, as well as a Professional Astrologer and syndicated author on a variety of subjects. I have been professionally involved in the psychic fields since 1980 and have given more than 25,000 readings around the world. I have covered every imaginable topic and answered just about any kind of question you might think to ask.” Kathi continues, “When it comes to the future, I believe in free will. What I see in your reading is not written in concrete. It is the direction your life is taking at the time of the reading. If your quality of life would be better served by making different choices, based on the information I have just given you, then your own free will can make different choices and get different results.”

Anthon St Maarten provides Accurate Psychic Readings. After years of study, spiritual self-discovery and exploration of the paranormal, Anthon finally had no choice but to move on from doing readings for friends, family and colleagues to advising professionally. He has been consulting at his home office for the past 6 years. In 2006 he also started working online and has since become a high-ranked expert on several leading psychic websites. In his home country Anthon has established himself as a trusted advisor to many, including business-leaders, celebrities and politicians.

Lilly is one of our newest psychics who focuses on love and relationships. “Stop waiting, wondering, and worrying. I will see and tell all, good or bad. You will get the truth. I offer psychic advice on love, life, career, past, present, future and soulmates. Call for real answers, for real problems. Sometimes through life’s journey we become confused, and it has to do with what path to take, I am a gifted Psychic and Clairvoyant who wants to let my tarot cards lead you down the right path.”

The Online Psychic Network charges one of the lowest commission fees within the industry, which in turn these savings are passed on to the clients.

About the Online Psychic Network

The Online Psychic Network is quickly becoming the top destination place for anyone looking for guidance about love, relationship and life’s day to day challenges. Trusted psychics and spiritual advisors are available online for one-on-one tarot reading, spiritual coaching, and connection with deceased loved ones.

About BitWine

Founded in 2006, BitWine is an innovator in the areas of personal consulting and counseling. Its global network allows prospective clients to meet and hire specialists in nutrition, technology, travel, life coaching and more. Clients can reach experts from around the world, anonymously, from the comfort of their home.

Media Contact Jennifer Glover Community Relationship Manager [email protected] (201)338-5019

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