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If you’re unhappy in a relationship, you can always move on but the lessons YOU still have to learn will follow you to your next relationship. The Universe hands us the same lessons until we learn what we need to learn. Once the lesson is learned, you won’t repeat that mistake again.

No matter the question or situation, I’ll do my absolute best to ensure you get the best out of our talks together! I will help guide you to a path that is best suited for you. YOU are top priority! Whatever ails your mind, whatever stress may be weighing you down, we’ll work on fixing it together!

REAL guidance from a REAL person-I will help you get to the root of the problem, so we can permanently change it for the better. Don’t keep going in this vicious circle, let’s figure out why you are caught in it, and work on getting you out!

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Super Deals can be divided & used for multiple readings


⋆ CLAIRSENTIENCE – "clear feeling"

⋆ EMPATH – "tuning into/feeling emotions"





I DO NOT leave a chat until you are satisfied, understand what I am picking up, and have the best approach to handle whatever it is we are tackling together. I only want what’s the best for you!!! If I get kicked out of a chat it is due to BW Tech Issues or internet connection.

DISCLAIMER: Predictions are not promises or guarantees – predictions are estimates based on what path you are on at the time of the reading – free will and other variables can change things. IF a prediction does not come to pass within the given time (plus the standard 3 days of ’’wiggle’’ room) message me for a quick look into what may have caused things to change/get postponed before posting an unsatisfactory review. If an unsatisfactory review is given, and you choose to call back, your call will not be accepted unless the review is removed. Please note that you are paying for my TIME, not my ANSWERS, I will always be open and honest with what info comes to me during our readings together.. I do not offer readings on medical or legal matters. All readings are legally considered to be for entertainment purposes only. All purchases are final.

By having a reading with me, you are accepting and agreeing with my terms and way of doing things.

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23 Apr 2017 excellent ranking confusedmom

Missed her so much!!! Picked right back up where we left off. Excellent reading with good detail. Thanks!

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14 Apr 2017 satisfactory ranking bcuzimagurl

I felt like honestly she gave me therapy..sounded more like a shrink..all about the self love..self worth..not about my questions in total...her answers led more to more questions..yes i undertsood the self love...being content by ones self..but when i asked if he is my true love..was once we meet again..if he doesnt spark a fire then doesnt matter..huh?! Wth...lol..confusing..i felt like she was analysing and diagnosing me then actually giving me answers...

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02 Feb 2017 excellent ranking meeee

Great reading!

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02 Feb 2017 excellent ranking nailea1217

Excellent reading!! She truly care and takes her time. Very satisfy with my reading.

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23 May 2016 excellent ranking vicky77

Ah Bitwine cut us off again but Kay was really wonderful! She told me what she saw with honesty, even though it wasn't exactly what I was hoping to hear. She is really caring and helpful! I highly recommend to have a reading with her! :)

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