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WARNING, WARNING, WARNING!!! Although I am psychic, I work quite differently than what you might expect. I am a problem solver, a solution giver, a guide out of your darkness. If you are looking for a wham, bam, thank you ma’am, psychic reading, PLEASE do not purchase time with me. Some compare me to a psychotherapist, as I get to the root of your issue and work from there. Quick answers, without solutions, is a recipe for continued mis-direction in life.

If you fail to read my profile and are not happy with your session, please know in advance, there are no refunds. You’ve basically paid for my time and energy, and if you did not do your research, you have only yourself to blame. Hopefully you’ll allow me to assist in helping you find your way onto a more positive path, in life, and ensure a better chance of happiness, within. your guide into the light

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A student of the School of Hard Knocks, career student at Universe University, I utilize my innate wisdom, instilled at birth, plus my vast life experiences, which I share openly and honestly, in order to connect with each person that I am granted access into their lives. A mother of four, ex-wife, ex-employee, self-employed/entrepreneur, just to name a few of my roles here on earth, I can lend insight into most of life’s pressing issues.

A natural born warrior and survivor, I am able to encourage and uplift, miraculously, sending positive vibes and energy through most forms of communication.


I’ve always been the go to person for advice, insight and direction, ever since I was a teen. People have always felt comfortable telling me their inner-most, deepest thoughts and issues. Total strangers are drawn to me, which always leaves me with a sense of pride, as I know it’s a spiritual thing.

They say experience is the best teacher, and with almost 47 years under my belt, I’d say that I carry with my Divine gifts, wisdom, knowledge, insight, and know-how, in order to connect with my clients. I’ve recently added the use of tools to my natural gifts and have found them to be a welcomed addition to my work, as they open up a starting point in my sessions, as well as confirm/validate at the end of one of my thorough Q & A therapy sessions. I also have the aid of my trustworthy pendulum, "Lil Rosie", come give her a run.

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27 Aug 2018 excellent ranking T (unregistered)

Thanks Red Hawk :)

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24 Aug 2018 excellent ranking Bre (unregistered)

I was definitely can say this was one of the best readings I had. She pulled cards first, and I was unable to decipher them. However, when everything was pulled together they aligned with my current situation. I ask the universe for confirmation and I got it. Thanks for making me smile, and releasing my heavy energy.

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13 Aug 2018 excellent ranking eroncherry


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01 Aug 2018 excellent ranking pinkemerald

Her cards are usually pretty on point and she is generous with her time.

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25 Jul 2018 excellent ranking user3177

Thank you for this reading this was amazing. It helped me understand myself a lot better. I finally am ready to move forward with my life. To those who come here you all need to understand something, most advisors on this site will give you false hope and wrong guidance. Our future shouldn't be predicted, is made of based on how we carry on with our lives. She didn't sugar coat or gave me none of that she gave me the proper guidance to heal and look forward to my future by willing to take action. This was a comforting read and non judgemental. We need advisors that can guide us not give us false hope. I finally realized this today and so I'm ready for my new journey. Afterall our happiness is our responsibility and we must do what it takes to be the best of ourselves.

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