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Want to find new love? I can tell you what is hindering you, what can aide you, which of your attributes should be used,and how to identify your next potential love. Psychic/Cartomancy/Dream Interpretation: I have over 20 years experience helping people with their questions, issues, relationships, and decision making. Do you have questions about love/relationships, career, finances, or family? I am caring and understanding. I’m gifted in the following: Clairvoyant – which means I see things from the past and the future. Clairsentient – which means I feel things. I am very empathetic, so when I feel things its not just physical sensations. I experience the same emotions and reactions of the person that I am reading for. When I tell someone that “I understand how they feel” I truly mean it. Clairaudio – which means I hear things. Spiritual – concerns with spirit or ghost activity. Is someoone trying to send you a messa

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I was born witih a natural ability to understand and help people. Since a young child I have shared this gift with those around me. There is much more to life and spirituality than you can see. I help others understand and accept life’s problems, challenges, and possibilities.


A born psychic with a natural gift, I have a life time of experience helping people with their issues and questions.

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11 Jun 2012 excellent ranking Bea (unregistered)

Very good and quick with getting all the answers to you. Was right on as well about what was happening.

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01 Jun 2012 unsatisfactory ranking Bob (unregistered)

First of all charge me $10 even before she connected to my situation. And kept telling me that she had dark hair and eyes. I was keep telling her that she was blonde and blue eyes. And I asked her to refund me back my $10 but she kept pushing it "fake it till make it" deal... but it did not work at all. Then I told her that it was fine with me that she was not able to connect but at least refund me back my $10 that I earned hard. Instead, she left the chat with no refund. Very rude... not a real gifted person.... because professionals don't do that. Rude and arrogant I would say. NEVER DO A READING WITH HER! Sorry I have to be honest at my ratings. I can not lie!

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04 May 2012 excellent ranking dsoliz

on target with my reading

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23 Mar 2012 excellent ranking irashai

ok this is my second read and i think it verified that we did not have a good connection. i am giving excellent cus she is very kind with her time. I however had to ask various time the same questions. and at first like last time she was off. she said somethin ould be cancelled tht already happened and whe i corrected her she said for the same thing in furture, for future plans. hm. the only thing she was right about is from our last reading she asked if was going on a trip. i told hee that because she i thought knew i was going on this trip is that i returned for a reading. but she took as me verifyin a prediction which i wasnt. I think she is nice and that she can prob connect with others but not with me. i wish her the best of luck and may god bless her. i will say i will be really considering getting a refund of both reading, and i hate to do that i will think of doing it and let her know what my decision is.

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20 Mar 2012 excellent ranking irashai

ok, so she was kind and generous with her time. I dont know if she connected well. at first she was saying things that did not match. she made predictions and i will see if they come true will be back and update

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