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NO INFO NEEDED. Energy/aura reader, empath, multifrequency channel & practitioner of energy healing.


"Excellent, a true guide and channel. I love how she reads with absolutely no info, and yet, she can very well describe and articulate energies with very good accuracy. She is loving and beyond outstanding. Thank you!"

"I have hardly any words to describe the gratitude and good vibes that I received from this reading. What a destined delight to meet this person!"

"This lady is very special. She is high energy. As she was talking to me I felt a heart communion of a sort. She actually emanates as she speaks. I feel she is a spiritually clear evolving soul with solid ethics. She seems totally trustworthy and not liable to tell one what one wants to hear but what she knows and sees as true."

I do take a limited number of clients. Please consider contacting me for an appointment if you do not see me available.

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•Reconnective Healing™ practitioner •Practitioner of the Vagus Nerve Activation™ •Practitioner of the 111 Activation™ •Practitioner of the 222 Activation™


I work as an energy reader/multifrequency channel & practitioner of energy work both privately and online. I have been available to the public professionally for the last 10 years. If you see I am not available, feel free to send an email; I do accept appointments.

My most powerful sessions to date have begun with a healing/clearing experience, where both myself and my client are present & observant…focusing simply on the breath. Once we feel connected, I then turn my attention to the information that is coming through, usually visual, empathetic & clairaudient at first. I call this validation time, as it is just as important to me as it is to you that we are a good match. Once we both feel clear and good about our connection, I will ask for your questions. There are times your questions get answered before you get them out, but this is not always the case. Please know that you are as much a participant in your reading as I am. I consider myself a conduit and/or a guide.

I encourage you, as well, to use your intuition in choosing the right reader for you. You will know when the right match is made, trust this :). For the purpose of being more clear, I wish to share with you who I desire to read for :). You are open-hearted and thirsty for a deeper understanding of the relationships you are in now. You have a mature perspective that your choices are both your responsibility and worthy of celebration. You listen intently when you recognize the guidance is coming through. There are not frequent interruptions in the flow of information. You are willing to consider and apply this guidance in your life. You allow time for the fullness of the reading to come through, rather than accepting a lack-based perspective and only receiving bits and pieces. You are as beneficial to me (energetically speaking) as I am to you. You understand the power of thought and feeling (or are awakening to this).

PLEASE READ By contacting me for a session, you indicate that you understand that energy work &/or intuitive energy readings do not involve any diagnosis or medical treatment, and they are not to be substituted for regular medical care. While some persons have experienced healing after receiving energy work &/or intuitive energy readings, you understand and accept that there is no guarantee, either expressed or implied, of any particular outcome from this or any future session. You also agree that you are at least 18 years of age.

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call,

Local Time: (GMT-07:00) May 21, 2018, 02:38PM

Location: USA  (Find on Google Maps)

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19 May 2018 excellent ranking pp1191

SHe gave me good thought. Hope everything turns out well.

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16 May 2018 excellent ranking love2222

She was very helpful. Real life information helpful. No fairytale bluff. Just real like advice. Thank You

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15 May 2018 excellent ranking rosebud87776

Malia is the most genuine psychic I've ever spoken to. She has been helping me understand my life, and those around me for the last two years. And because of her help, I have finally made these changes in my life I never thought possible. I have spoken to almost every psychic on Bitwine, and Malia is the only one I would recommend. She is gifted, and I am lucky to have her help. Thank you.

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15 May 2018 excellent ranking iamme13

A lot of information straight on point! I’ll definitely be back!!!

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14 May 2018 excellent ranking drchiro

Excellent doesn't begin to cover it. If you are ready to live in your power and truth then this is the healer for you. Love love love her.

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