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Tarot or Psychic reading

23 days ago

Just out of curiosity which one do you feel is most accurate when it comes to predicting the future? Do you feel a psychic or tarot reading is more accurate? Just wondering what people’s general feelings are when they go back and read their transcripts.

22 days ago

Depends on who connects with you .a tarot reader or a psychic can be equally accurate.only think the reader should be able to connect to you.i have had both psychics and tarot readers predict accurately about me!

22 days ago

hi dear and yes there pretty much the same thing it does depend who is reading it is actually drawn from your energy power as well,im on line if you wanna talk more.

22 days ago

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19 days ago

My perspective may be a bit biased, but you want an intuitive read for accurate predictions. Tarot is a tool used by readers but they should have some natural ability to be able to break down the meaning – if someone relies solely on tools they will miss important emotional cues to help determine the signs from the guides.

18 days ago

That makes total sense. Thanks

18 days ago

having a psychic do a tarot reading is more strongerbut you hhave to get lucky you meet the right one because some people read tarot and claim to be psychic but are not having a trot reading done by a psychic is much different then a regular tarot reading because they are actually able to connect with the spirits and go into a more deeper and spiritual reading then a tarot reader who just learned what the cards mean by he way the cards are laid its not much really pertaining to you verses a psychic doing so y tarot readings range anywhere from 10 dollars to 75 !

6 days ago

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6 days ago

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5 days ago


First? I utterly LOVE your pseudonym. How adventurous and upbeat!

The answer to your question is “neither” as both are highly intuitive arts. To read the Tarot exactly as the original artist depicted what the cards should mean is to restrict the fortune teller from giving accurate readings in the first place.

EXAMPLE: if I pull a “Death” card, (I’m highly intuitive but often employ Tarot to read the energies faster than I can if I meditate) I must discern if the Death card means that a relationship has completely died or if my querrant’s distant past lover who’s been living abroad is now deceased.

The answer to that question relies exclusively on intuition. There are MANY many MANY times when a Tarot Reader MUST be psychic to deliver accurate readings.


1 day ago

Hi there!

I actually prefer to use both! First, I use my psychic gifts (clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience) to receive information about the matter at hand, and then I like to pull tarot cards, to confirm the information that is coming through, and to ensure that I am interpreting it correctly. I find this dual method to be extremely accurate.

1 day ago

the tarot cards go into other people surroundings past present and future, you do need to use you your natural psychic abilitys in order to give an accurate reading it does require you to really tap into those energys. A psychic Reading is based of course on your psychic energy that is simpy tuning into ones vibrations and picking up on what ever it is that is there or if there are specific things that need to be adressed I prefer psychic readings over tarot cards personaly whenevr i get my readings done but to each their own.