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Did she?

14 days ago

Did Courtney Cleaver put voodoo or any black magic on me?

My name is Sheila Crespo 11/17/93 …

14 days ago

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12 days ago

why do you feel this? also have you been having some sort of dreams?

10 days ago

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10 days ago

I can help

10 days ago

hello and no she did not bc it does not real, there is no magic .

9 days ago

Sheila Sophia,

There are a number of very simple tests you can do at home to learn if you’ve got someone doing negative magic against you.

I can walk you through the steps to find out for sure.


8 days ago

While I completely disagree with anastayshia’s statement there is a lot of power we have over our own situations.

Miss tula is right a lot of violent or active dreams can be a sign of spirits working on your behalf or against you depending on its content, dream interpretation is very helpful to understand things you may overlook in the physical.

Hair falling out can be a symptom of things, or seeing an excess of mice, pests and dirty things. -

Please feel free to contact me if you need any information on how to remove a hex, determine a hex and what that means for you. xx


7 days ago

I have your answer, Contact me now for a live session and solution to this.

7 days ago

It is important to know that “magic” is a loaded word that generates fear and misunderstanding in so many. It is helpful to think of this in really simple terms. Magic, or magick, is the practice of focusing one’s intention and energy to bring about or manifest a specific outcome. For argument’s sake, if a person had ill intentions for you and directed their energy at you in such a way, you can just as well protect yourself with your own energic projections to keep yourself safe and out of harm, or low vibrations, way.

I would be happy to chat with about this in greater detail if you still need assistance.

Be well and bright blessings! Pixie

6 days ago

I hope you got an answer to your question. I perform my own magick all the time, so hell yes, there is magick. WTF. I had a damn curse on me last week and I had to do a spell to get that off me. Jealous B#@&* Hope you reversed that…let me know!