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27 days ago
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I am seeking a very connected spiritual being. Who is good with time frames and accurate. Someone who truly can tell me about my situation. I have spoke to many readers on the site. Are you the one. Reach out to me.

27 days ago

Hi there,

Give me a call

26 days ago

Hi dear,

I would be very happy to check for you and tell you about it after spirit connection.Feel free to join me.I will help you and guide you towards the right path of your happiness.

God bless you

26 days ago

I can give exact timeframes and dates and accurate spiritual guidance but my readings may not reveal what you want to hear if its the truth you seek come chat with me

26 days ago

Hello join me if you really need truth and clarity

24 days ago

Good luck and if you find one that has accurate timeframes and dates please let me know. I have not found anybody with accurate timeframes as of yet based on what I have been told. I am waiting now because I have been told between 2 weeks and 6 or 7 months. So if one of these are accurate I will let you know so you can talk to them.

19 days ago

Hello, Let me help you right away and give you the truth and much more . I will give you full insight and details . On line live chat -I have specials . Blessings

16 days ago

You can try Avia Brilliance In Sight CindyS or Rachel Marie

15 days ago

hello my love my love readings are 100 % accuarte i do give time frames detailed and fast typing i have a love special 35 dollars for 55 minutes any time not used can be saved and held as credit for the next time you may choose to come back and use up your minutes i do have a strong connection to your situation right now if you would like to call me i can show you that i truly do have a connection but i prefer not to reveal these things on the forum because it goes against my privacy policy with my clients thank you hope to hear from you soon love light and my prayers to your situation

15 days ago

i am specialist of these kind of reading. come to me for proper and honest reading.for detail look into my profile.

14 days ago

I can help with this

13 days ago

Hi my name is Diana, and I am a direct speaking, honest psychic with over 25 years’ experience in giving psychic readings.I am a relationship expert and I have helped numerous people find solutions to their issues with relationships and marriages. I make sure to tune into the situation and connect to find the root of the issue and help guide you in the present situation. My goal in each session is to find a solution that can help change your future! We do have unlimited paths and as long as we can take charge of our path, and our self, we can alter our life and create the life we do want.

12 days ago

I was actually recommended to Pixie Dust through a friend of my who had a reading with her recently. She is very nice, accurate and pretty fair with her rate.